A Scholastic Reading Club for Eramosa PS

Posted May 5, 2021

Hello Parents:

Our book fair was such a success that we have decided to set up a Scholastic Reading Club program for the school. This means that you all can shop at any time on the scholastic website. Each of your purchases contributes to rewards we can use to get more books for the school!

Website to shop – https://classroomessentials.scholastic.ca/

This was kindly set up by a parent from our school, Heidi Muller. You will see her name when you go into the site and use the code. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact her at [email protected].

Using this class code will get you free shipping on orders over $40 – and I’ve heard the orders are delivered quickly!
Hopefully you will consider this next time you’re looking to buy your child a new book.

Thank you so much for supporting our school.

Best regards,

Paul Tribe, Principal
[email protected]

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