Minutes: Eramosa Parent Council Tuesday October 27

Posted October 28, 2021

In attendance: Paul Tribe, Christa Ormiston, Heather Pollock, Angela Murray, Tia Marttala, Jacqueline Nyman, Heidi Muller, Jeff Murray, Steph Moddison, Marya Morrison, Jenny Broadfoot

  1. Welcome
  2. Approval of minutes from last meeting. See attached.
  3. Email address for everyone (Missing Kelly)
  4. Award decision for Simone – Will council pay for awards without direct sponsorship (187.40)
    • Council agrees to pay for this expense from the fundraising account
  1. Principal’s Report – Mr. Tribe

Principal’s Report – Tuesday, October 27 2021 @ 7:00 PM

  • Madame Plourde donated trees to the school – 6-7 trees were planted during the Thanksgiving weekend
  • The primary focus has been upon welcoming all here and starting some in-class assessment for potential needs. The reality is that all students have missed some work and skill-building.
  • Antiracism, equity and inclusion an integral part of all teaching this year. All staff have received much training in these areas prior to school beginning.
  • School Photos took place on October 25th. Retake days are being determined centrally.  We will let the community know once we receive the date.
  • Mixed cohort (between grades, etc.) sports are on hold at the moment.
  • We have had a few questions. I have asked the Board about them and highlighted them below.
    • When will inter-school sports resume?  We do not have a timeline for these events at this point.  We are allowing inter-school sports to begin in secondary and will monitor this situation which will help us make an informed decision later this year.  In the interim, outdoor intramurals are a great option.
    • We had used Lunchbox for online food delivery in the past.  When can that resume?  At this point, we are holding on these initiatives until at least after Thanksgiving when we will re-evaluate.
    • How about school clubs?  School Clubs can begin if they are outside or if cohorts do not mix in any way inside.
    • Can we do spirit wear sales? – These can begin as long as there is a process in place that does not have parent volunteers coming into the school at this point as they are not “essential visitors” by the board and ministry definitions.  Regarding any distribution of spirit wear, appropriate physical distancing, masking and hand hygiene process would be necessary and cohorts could not mix inside
  • Scholastic Book Fair (virtual) November 8-15. Flyers will come home at the end of the week.
  • Orange and Black Day on Thursday. The School will distribute goody bags to students on that day.
  • The adjusted parking arrangement seems to be working. The intent was to bolster safety and help parents in the dropping off and picking up of children.
  • PA Day Friday – working on assessment and beginning writing of report cards. Report cards will be online, similar to last year.
    • School Report Card Admin setup, October onward
    • Communication to parents from the IT Dept.  November 5th
    • Upload report to multimedia November 15th
    • Elementary Progress Report Cards will be available to parents beginning on November 16th.
    • Interviews as in the past November 25, 26.
  1. Financial Report – Heather P.
    • Not much movement since last meeting except the $187.40 that will go out
  1. Update on teacher’s need – Ms. Nyman
  1. Fundraising
  2. Christa to do write-up for Cash for Chromebook
    • Christa will write up the ask for this fund
    • Nice ask for $30 a headset
    • Simone can add to School Cash Online, people can also donate online through Canada Gives
      • Thatcher farms still under construction- Move to Spring
  1. Wreath Making – Is there a way to do the community building event like the wreath making outdoors/barn – people could come and make their own – separate committee meeting with Jenny/Christa – Marya Morrison, Stephanie Moddison, Heather Pollock


  1. Spirit Wear


  • Is there a minimum number order needed?
  • Choose one hoodie – not the game day one
  • No cinch bag
  • If company can use an online platform to accept orders – go with that. If not, simplify the orders for school cash online
  • Heidi to keep it moving forward with Simone and Paul and try to have orders done and back before the holidays
  1. New business
    • Note that Chris is listed on the school website as the council chair
    • Chris Williston – need to do a thank you for him
    • Personalized sweatshirt for him when the order goes in
  2. Next Meeting: Tuesday November 23 – 7pm



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