EPSAC Minutes – Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Posted February 23, 2022

February 22, 2022

Present: Bhumika Munroe, Paul Tribe, Jeff Murray, Jacqueline Nyman, Angela Murray, Christa Ormiston, Allison Semanyk, Tia Marttala, Jenny Broadfoot, Stephanie Moddison, Blaire Comacchio, Heidi Muller, Marya Morrison


  1. Welcome & Introductions


  1. Update from Principal

Principal’s Report – Tuesday, February 22, 2022 @ 7:00 PM

  • Does not include bus cancellation days
  • Communication.  I have transitioned to using UGConnect from the old CASL email program that will be decommissioned at the end of December.  I hope all of you are getting my messages.  I will continue to post these on the Facebook page and onto our Website.  I do Tweet a few things, as well.
  • In-Person Assemblies still remain on hold.  
  • Inclement Weather Procedure.  This has been reviewed and updated.  Please feel free to go to the following link for a complete description.  https://www.ugdsb.ca/blog/information-about-bus-cancellations-and-remote-learning-on-inclement-weather-days/
  • No food delivery on bus cancellation days
  • I apologize for the flurry of emails.  As we move forward, though, it will be important to keep you as informed as possible.
  • I had sent out an email last week about how we are proceeding with the relaxing of rules.  It will be a slow and careful process.  Visitors, at this point, are only those considered to be essential.  I am sure more information will come out soon.
  • Milk and food seems to be going smoothly, when Mother Nature allows it.
  • Report cards – no requirement to send anything back. They can be downloaded from the parent portal. Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns. 


  1. No financial report tonight – Update from bottle drive we raised $547.60 and will be deposited this week. 


  1. Chicken dinner – Form separate committee – Marya will start an email group with those interested. 
  • Suggested timing is early may to coincide with planting season and busy farm families. 
  • Jenny has made contact with the church group that ran the fundraiser and has more detailed information on sourcing, pricing and contact information. 
  • We will start a small group of those interested in continuing and running this fundraiser. 
  1. Music lessons in school
  • Idea from Heather to bring a musician into the school one day a week and parents can pay for lessons. Students would be removed from class to take a music lesson.
    Ms. Nyman explained that space within the school right is limited. Also, no outside visitors are currently allowed into the school. This is a great idea to be revisited in the future. Potential suggestion was to have the lessons after school and parents pick up children after their lesson. 
  1. Teacher needs – any new needs?
  • Request from Ms. Nyman – Ukuleles need to be repaired/replaced. Needed are 3 new ones. $60.00 per unit plus tax. We are all in favour of purchasing the 3 ukelele if Heather checks and the budget is available. Heidi to email heather and Heather is to confirm with Ms. Nyman if the budget is available. 


  1. New business


  • Need to remember memorial for Mrs. Shaw and decide on a tribute around the outdoor classroom space. 
  • Is there something we could do in the garden. Marya Morrison is interested in doing something gardening related at the school. To be discussed at next meeting – Marya will ask Ms. Nyman to email the teachers. Mrs. Sem could do an environmental club as well. Marya will follow up via email with Ms. Nyman/Mrs. Sem
  • Update re: wow butter – it is too risky as it is similar to peanut butter, and will not be allowed at school.
  • Coffee at drop off around 8am will be started again on select Friday mornings when the weather warms up. This is a chance for the parents and staff to meet and socialize. Paul will confirm this at the staff meeting and update us via facebook and UGConnect.  

Next Meeting Apr 5, 2022

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