EPSAC Minutes: September 13, 2022

Posted September 14, 2022

Eramosa Parents Council Sept 13, 2022 – Minutes

In attendance:
Christa Ormiston, Rebecca Dufour, Cassie Hatch, Angela Murray, Jeff Murray, Diana Josiak, Blaire Comacchio, Marya Morrison, Heidi Muller, Dawn Raynard, Paul Tribe, Bhumika Munroe, Jenny Broadfoot, Christina Stewart-McKeen


Regrets: Heather Weingartner



  1. Welcome to new families, teachers and parents
    1. Everyone in attendance shared introductions


  1. Roles of parent council and positions – Paul Tribe

School Council Information – https://www.ontario.ca/page/school-councils-guide-members  School Councils act in an advisory capacity to school Principals and the Board for the continued promotion of excellence throughout the system. School Councils are comprised of a majority of parents along with the Principal, a teaching and non-teaching staff member, a community representative and at secondary schools, students. It is expected that the membership on School Council will reflect the diversity of the school community it serves. The members of School Councils shall: place the interests of the school and students first; participate in Council meetings; participate in information and training programs; act as a link between the School Council and the community; encourage the participation of parents and others within the school community; and seek consensus in the decision-making processes of the Council. A Board-wide Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) serves as a liaison between the Board, individual and groups of School Councils providing information, advice and resources that help support parent engagement and involvement. Feel free to join us!Agendas and meeting information are posted monthly on the website below: Website:

www.ugdsb.on.ca/pic E-mail: [email protected]


  1. Principal’s report – Mr. Tribe
  • Volunteers are welcome in the school. Masks are optional. We also ask that a Covid check be done prior to going to school. There is a volunteer form to be filled out.
  • Contact number for Public Health if questions about COVID-19. WDGPH – Any school-related questions (COVID or non-COVID) be directed to our new Client and Community Support Call Centre 1-800-265-7293 (or 519-822-2715) ext. 7006.  Available Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. -4 p.m.
  • Playground work was done in June. Pea gravel from most climber and swing areas were replaced with engineered wood fibre. The cribs around these were also rebuilt.
  • A major paving project happened during the summer. The parking lot, paved area at the back and an accessible path to the outdoor classroom were done. Game and parking lines were repainted.
  • Renovations also occurring to the barrier-free washroom. A separate change table room was created. A larger renovation to occur later next year to create a new barrier-free washroom.
  • Emergency Drills have started. Our first fire drill went well.
  • School population as of today is 139. 2 Kindergartens, a 1/2, a 2/3, a 3, a 4/5 and a 6.
  • Student Census September 19 to October 9. An email with the survey will be sent to families. More information may be found at https://www.ugdsb.ca/board/ugdsb-counts-student-census-2022/
  • Terry Fox September 23rd. Information has come home. Donations to School Cash Online or to http:www.terryfox.ca/EramosaPSRockwood .
  • Scientists in the School: They have made an application to the Guelph Community Foundation on Eramosa’s behalf to fully fund the program here. They have not heard back yet.
  • School Trips are now back in place. We are in the process of getting times for the River Run program and also looking into inter-school sports. It is our hope that EPSAC would be open to helping with some funding in this area. More info to come on this request.
  • A question about the climbing wall: Not certain if EPSAC’s plan was to remove and replace that climber or just replace the chain and coupling of the unit. I sent forward an invoice for doing the whole thing, just as information for you.
  • School lunch box will return in a few weeks


  1. Financial Report
  • $12k in playground fund
  • $6631 to use this year
  • $4300 made on chicken dinner last spring! Biggest fundraiser to date.
  • Some tentative allocations for this year: $1200 for scientist in the classroom, $250 awards/plaques, $1k to playground fund
  • Other expenses we have had in the past – reimburse teacher money (about $1k in the past), ukulele and headphones, considered tech fun
  • Playground decision – need to decide whether to replace the climber. $2135 to do this.
  • Motion made by Heidi Muller to support this repair at the quoted cost of $2135. Seconded by Rebecca Dufour. Council is in favor for repairing the climber with the quote of it costing $2135


  1. Needs from teachers – Ms. Nyman
  • request for funding to bus to river run centre for primary/junior events
  • 5 trips to river run – $130 + HST each ~ $734.5
  • Motion to support bussing to river run events made by Rebecca. Heidi second. All in favour.
  • Grade 1is looking for a marble run for classroom. Could be donated by a family. Rebecca will follow up with Mrs. Bauer about donating one she has.
  • The school is looking for outdoor toys – Shovels/buckets, sand toys, dinky cars, etc. A call out for donations to bring to Sept 29 event will be made.


  1. Open House Planning – Planned for Thursday, September 29, 2022
  • Teachers discussed at staff meeting and supportive of an open house.
  • 5-6pm open house, 6-7pm BBQ – Jacqueline to check with teachers if this timing would work and let Christa know
  • Book fair – not enough time to make this happen
  • Can we recruit high school students to help with BBQ and games
  • Pot luck for side/dessert
  • Cassie/Dawn to price out hamburger/hot dog, and let us know how many helpers they need
  • People to bring their own dishes
  • Dawn/Blaire to ask Chrissy about ice cream
  • Christa to recruit teenagers
  • Christa to say hold the date/time on facebook



  1. Committee Discussion – An effort for better parent engagement and participation
    1. Playground committee
      1. Chair: Rebecca
    2. Breakfast/lunch program
      1. Chair: Blaire/Dawn,
      2. Members: Marya, Heidi
    3. Fundraising/events
      1. Chair: Marya
      2. Members: Heather Quiqley, Christa, Dawn, Angela
  • Halloween Dance – Mr. Tribe is not available October 24-28


  • October meeting agenda item: each committee to report back in October about goals, objectives and committee plans


  1. Spirit wear– Heidi to take this project on and work with Simone on getting it on school cash online. Heidi & Jacqueline to discuss and see about a hand me down program.


  1. Election of council positions – Heidi to look up roles & responsibilities and share with the group.

Chair – Heidi Muller with Past Chair Support from Christa

Treasurer – Cassie Hatch with support from Heather to transition

Secretary – Rebecca Dufour

Communications rep (facebook posts etc)– Christa Ormiston

PIC Representative (Do not need to elect tonight)

Student Reps – grade 6 writing task to go to classrooms and collect information. Action – Jacqueline to take this idea to staff and report back


  1. Next Meeting – October 18 – 7pm

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