EPSAC Minutes October 18, 2022

Posted October 19, 2022

Eramosa Parents Council October 18, 2022 7:00pm – Minutes

In attendance:  Paul Tribe, Heidi Muller, Rebecca Dufour, Cassie Hatch, Angela Murray, Diana Josiak, Blaire Comacchio, Marya Morrison, Dawn Raynard, Bhumika Munroe, 


Joining Remotely: Jacquline Nyman, Crista Ormiston, Stephanie Moddison 


Regrets: Heather Weingartner, Christine Stewart-McKeen, Jenny Broadfoot


Virtual Link – https://meet.google.com/qjy-pqun-nrf?authuser=0




  1. Welcome and introductions

Chair – Heidi Muller

Past Chair – Christa Ormiston 

Treasurer – Cassie Hatch 

Secretary – Rebecca Dufour

Communications Rep – Christa Ormiston

  1. Approval of September Minutes

The Council Chair asked the group to review the minutes from September and asked for additions and comments. None were offered. The Council Chair put forward a motion to approve the minutes. Marya supported the motion. Angela second the motion. All approved, none opposed. Motion has been passed; September Minutes are approved. 

  1. Principal’s Report – Tuesday, October 18, 2022 @ 7:00 PM

UGDSBMYP Plan on Page: 

The board has put out a new multi-year plan with a K-12 model. There is a link to learn more information that can be accessed through www.ugdsb.ca/myp

Literacy Update: Last year there was a reading support person in the school and this individual will be returning on a volunteer basis a couple of times a week.  The board has also been assigned an early reading teacher to support early literacy. This individual will be coming into the school in January. 

Volunteers: They are welcome in the school. Masks are optional. We also ask that a Covid check be done prior to going to school.

Contact number for Public Health if questions about COVID-19. WDGPH – Any school-related questions (COVID or non-COVID) be directed to our new Client and Community Support Call Centre 1-800-265-7293 (or 519-822-2715) ext. 7006.  Available Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Scientists in the School: We are the fortunate recipients of 7 workshops that have been funded by the Guelph Community Foundation (4), The McLean Foundation (2) and the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council. They will be online workshops. I have sent the catalogue onto staff who are choosing their favoured topic and timing.

The Climbing Wall: A work order was issued on September 15 th to have the climbing wall repaired. I called on Monday, October 17 th to check on the status. It will be at least November when the work gets done. Simone has the work order and cost estimate to have available when all is completed. The climbers are closed after October 31 st , so no issue with the contractors having access.

Terry Fox: It was a great success with excellent participation. We raised more than $600.

Truth and Reconciliation Week: Staff did a number of activities during the week. On Thursday, September 29 th , all made hearts tied through the school fence and posted their ‘hearts’ describing what they learned and felt.

Healthy Pantry: Thanks to Dawn for initiating this and the roles played by Blaire and Thatcher Farms for making this a possibility. We have also received calls to find out how other families can get involved. 

Lunchbox: This has started and seems to be going well, except that we forgot to distribute milk the first day. We had a family calling to donate to this to allow more families to have hot lunches. A lovely gesture to help and deal with food insecurity.

Pumpkin Pass: Thanks for this great idea and for the participation of Parkinson’s Pumpkin Patch. We had 12 the first day! 

Bus Patrols: They went to Sacred Heart for training on Tuesday, October 18th. Tests were also done. 

Soccer Tournament: Eramosa is hosting this event on Thursday, October 20th , Rain Date of Friday, October 21 st .

Hallowe’en Dance: I am looking forward to this event on Friday!

Retirement: I have put in to retire at the end of December. Tonight is a Board Meeting, my retirement confirmation is on the agenda and I wanted you to hear from me directly rather than through Board Minutes. Once I know the name of the new administrator, I will communicate that to you. I hope all of you realize what a delight it has been for me to have had the opportunity to get to know the students, staff and caregivers at Eramosa PS. What a great way to wrap up my career!

  1. Financial Update 
  • Training with Simone Kent was completed by newly elected Treasurer Cassie. Cassie will connect with the past treasurer and come to the next meeting with a budget spreadsheet for review and input.
  • Heidi requested that we include what we are fundraising for as a part of marketing for upcoming events. 
  • $278.00 made from the bracelet sales at the BBQ
  • Students are keen to sell again at the Halloween dance. The students have a list of what they would like to support with the funds raised and this will be submitted to parent council by Mr. Tribe
  • Cassie will need to submit a fundraising report for the bracelet sales.
  1. Needs from teachers- any updates

1.Outerwear pantry – sweater, hats, mitts, pants
Donation drive to happen at Winter Community Breakfast 

  1. Decodable Texts – resources are coming in from the board. Ms. Nyman will follow up to the parent council with resources that may be required to support new literacy initiatives. 
  2. Epic Books Membership: Possible resource suggested by parent council member
  3. Robots (coding tools): There are some coding tools in the library. Further needs to be explored and brought back to council if there is a request. 
  4. Spirit wear update

Order will be dropped off at the school on Friday October 21 and should be sent home the following week to families. 

  1. Parent Involvement Council Representative

Parent Involvement Council at the board level is looking for a representative from our school community. Marya and Bhumika Munroe put their name forward to be representatives. 

  1. Committee Updates
  1. Events/Fundraising – Next Committee Meeting: Date TBD  
  • BBQ Wrap Up: Treasurer to provide financial update at next meeting
  • Halloween dance. The dance is coming up on Friday from 6:00-7:30pm
  • Set up at 4:30 dinner will be provided for those committee members coming to set up
  • Canned food drive to be set up for Halloween dance, Heidi to post on Facebook 
  • Future Fundraisers: All Dates Tentative 
  • November 18th – Wreath Making Activity (Location: Gym, Time: 6:30)
    $50.00, paid through school cash online
  • Nov 20- Dec 10 Poinsettia Fundraiser (Stephanie to arrange)
  • December 3rd – Winter Community Breakfast (Location: Gym)
    Purchase tickets in advance (Cost TBD), two seatings, Times: 8:00-9:00, 9:00-10:00 
  • Everton Catering (Contact Info for D. McCarthy needed)
  • Activities: Cookie Decorating, Colouring in the Hallway, Canned Food Drive
  • Santa Visit
  • January 12 OR Jan 26 Bottle Drive 
  • April 24 Scholastic Book Fair Week
  • May 11 Drive Through Chicken Dinner 
  • June 1 Open House (Food trucks) 
  • Date: TBD  Popcorn fundraiser (Jenny/Stephanie) *February?  
  • Healthy Pantry: Update Provided by Dawn
  • The healthy pantry is running now and being used in our community
  • Equitable access for all 
  • Meal Train being set up by Heidi for food donations and contributions to the healthy pantry, Mr. Tribe to send out to the community, FB post by Heidi
  • Reminder that all donations must be nut free, cannot be home-baked
  • School-safe snacks
  • Wednesday there is a Thatcher donation to the healthy pantry 
  • Playground
  • Rebecca shared proposal for playground action plan
  • Committee supported moving forward with action items:  Soliciting feedback from faculty (survey to be developed and shared with Mr. Tribe, and Ms. Nyman), Meeting with Mr. Tribe for walk through, finalising proposal
  • Mr. Tribe to pursue possible funding for landscape architect through board, Evergreen
  1. New business – None
  2. Next Meeting – November 15 @7:00pm 

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