School Procedures


Parents and guardians are asked to call the school, (519) 925 – 0580, if their child is going to be absent.

We have a “Safe Arrival Policy” at Glenbrook E.S.. When students are absent and we have not been informed as to the reason, we attempt to contact parents/guardians to determine the reason for the absence. If we are unsuccessful in reaching a parent, guardian, or an emergency contact, we then contact the police to report missing students if we believe a child could be at risk.

We appreciate your assistance to ensure that our students are safe.

Late Arrivals/Early Departures:

We ask that all parents call the school, (519) 925 – 0580, if their child is going to be arriving late or if a child is being picked up early from school. It is extremely important that children who arrive at school after 8:30 a.m. or who are picked up by a parent prior to 2:50 p.m. arrive or exit through the school office.

The curriculum is very full and teachers need to use every class they have with students to complete it. Late arrivals and early departures disturb lesson flow and significantly impact student learning. Please aim to minimize these disruptions and notify the school in advance when situations of this matter will occur.

Visitor Procedures:

All visitors/volunteers are requested to report to the school office upon arrival. Please use the office counter binder to sign yourself “IN” and “OUT” of the school. Please take a visitor’s badge upon arrival and return it when you leave.

All visitors picking up or meeting students are asked to wait for them at the main office or in the foyer. For the safety of our students, please DO NOT proceed to classrooms to pick up a child.