School Council Minutes Nov. 2023

Posted November 22, 2023

École Guelph Lake Public School Council Meeting

Thursday, November 9th 2023

Attendance: Cathy Verity, Lila Atiyeh, Brenda Greene, Katherine Poray, Candice Barra, Shelley Lorenz, Emma Kaufman, Nicole Yetman, Chantelle MacDonald, Adam Bodium, Jason Peart, Jason Lafave, Kate Kowacz, Marilee Hill, Janelle Smith, Lisa Mooser, Nicole Hamilton

7:00 – Welcome (Lisa Mooser)

Fundraising Idea

  1. Box of Cards

o Subcommittee – Shelley Lorenz & Lila Atiyeh

  1. Gino’s Pizza

o Voyageur month – All of January

o School will get a kick back if you provide a code while ordering during the month of January

  1. – Valentine’s Day Dance-a-thon

Principal Update

– Playground

o Need commitment from council before the board will put the job out to tender. The board will need to get three quotes.

o Once we put out to tender, a committee is formed to organize playground

o We may need a member to organize grants for the new playground

o No resolution made about moving forward with the playground

o School survey was suggested to hear from the majority of the school’s voice

-Survey Committee for fundraising initiatives: Marilee Hill, Chantelle MacDonald

o Dance Ed – school budget covered the cost of Dance Ed $10 000

– School Council will give $5000 back to school budget


Treasurer Report

– $66 raised through Mabel’s Labels

– $14 341 in account

Fundraising Ideas

– Gaga Pit proposed

Event Planning

– Comfy cozy theme in December 13th – the purpose of this event is to bring families together

– Subcommittee: Chantelle, Shelley, Candice, Katherine, Brenda, Lila, Cathy, Kate, Lisa, Janelle

o Book fair booked for December 11th to 15th

-Subcommittee: Katherine, Janelle and Adam

o Used book sale

o Hot Chocolate and snacks

o Food Bank Collection

o PhotoBooth

o Virtual Planning Committee: Tuesday November 14th @7:00

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