School Council

Welcome! School council is an organization for parents and caregivers who are interested in playing an active role in the school community. It is an opportunity to stay informed on school activities and initiatives, curriculum issues, educational goals and EQAO information. School council also works to raise funds for fun and enriching activities not covered by the school board. These include Scientist in the School, new book carts, arts and music programming, field trip bussing and more!

School Council 2019/2020Executive

  • Co-Chair: Serena Guenter
  • Co-Chair: Jennifer Cowie
  • Treasurer: Jolene West
  • Secretary: Andrea Miller

Council Meetings

School council meets on the first Tuesday of every month. Meetings take place in the library from 6.00pm and they are usually finished by 8pm. Babysitting is available. Meetings are informal, we’re a friendly bunch and sometimes there are even snacks! You will not be arm twisted into volunteering or fundraising – just come, listen and learn from Principal Creighton how the school is run, what successes we can celebrate and what challenges we face. Council meetings are a great way to build relationships with staff, to learn who’s who, and to connect with other like-minded grown-ups. The more parents involved in our schools, the more enriching the experience for all our children. So why not come on out and say hi – we’d love to see you.

Questions? Contact us at

Fundraising for 2019-20

This year we will continue with a unique approach to fundraising at James McQueen PS. Instead of the (seemingly endless) requests to sell this or that to fundraise for School Council, we are offering you the opportunity to contribute to the Upper Grand Learning Foundation (James McQueen Public School).

You can contribute as much or as little as you wish (tax receipts provided for contributions $20 or greater). If $30 was raised for every student we would raise the same amount of money as we have in previous years….without the selling and countless volunteer hours!

Contributing is very easy – just visit and direct your funds to James McQueen Public School.

School Council will continue to offer fun student community events such as the Easter Bunny Breakfast, Halloween and Valentines Dances as they are important “fundraising” events for our students.  Charitable events such as the Terry Fox Run and Jump Rope for Heart will also continue.

We are interested in how this change of strategy will play out and welcome your feedback.