Safe Arrival/Student Attendance Reminders

Posted August 31, 2023

Please read below a very important reminder about our student attendance/safe arrival routines, in line with Board policy 510:

  • Student absences can be reported at any time (24 hours a day) by calling the school and leaving a message on the attendance line (line 100)
  • Our office staff will follow up with families whose students are absent, but who did not call in the absence to the school
  • If the family of the absent student cannot be reached, emergency contacts will be used until we can verify the whereabouts of the student

As such, it is very important to ensure your information is up-to-date with the office so we are able to contact you when needed.  To change or update your contact information, please give us a call or email at [email protected]

Thanks so much for helping to keep all of our students safe!

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