About Us

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About Us

JD Hogarth Public School was built in 1990.  We have a spacious Learning Commons, a double gym, and a snack/lunch program.  Improving our playground has been a focus.  Our school and school council have been working together to fundraise towards this initiative.  To date we have raised money to add additional soccer posts, basketball courts and painted games on our tarmac space.  With continued fundraising, our hope is to add an outdoor learning space, additional trees and some natural scape for our students to explore and learn through the environment.

Our students come primarily from the town of Fergus and its surrounding areas.

JD Hogarth is a K to 8 school with both English and French Immersion programs.  French immersion starts in grade 3, the students come from James McQueen P.S. after grade 2.  Our K to 8 English stream come from the town of Fergus with some of our grade 7 students coming from Eramosa P.S.  Although most of our students walk to school, a small percentage of our students are bused.  Students from JD Hogarth P.S. attend Centre Wellington District High School for grades 9 to 12.

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JD Hogarth Staff – 2020-2021

KA               Mrs. Michaela Witzke

KB               Mrs. Nancy Cerson/Mrs. Carrie Dunville

KC               Mr. Christopher St. Peters/Ms. Courtney Pinson

12A              Mrs. Lisa Taylor/Ms. Roslyn Conti

12B              Mrs. Sharon Walker

12C              Mrs. Susan Hoad-Reddick

23D              Mrs. Linda Eisen

F3C              Mrs. Sarah Ladner

F3E              Mrs. Michelle Van Loon

34A              Ms. Tania Gauthier

F34B             Mme Stephanie Joseph

45C              Mr. Mike Marson

45D              Mr. Dave Taylor

45E               Mr. John Lindsay

F45F             Mrs. Natasha Detta

F45G             Mrs. Amy Murray

F56A             Mrs. Kiah Dubelaar

F56B             Mme Elizabeth Smyth

6E                 Mrs. Jennifer Derma

67C               Mr. Chris Scott

F67D            Ms. Katherine Munro

78A              Mr. Jim Newton

78B              Mr. James Fielding

78E              Ms. Sarah Noble

F78F            Mme  Heather Coburn

F78G           M. Dylan Gordon


Principal                      Mrs. Tracy Baker

Vice Principal               Ms. Kelley Jones

Office Co-ordinator        Mrs. Laura Oliver

Office Assistant             Mrs. Elaine Furzecott

CYC                             Mrs. Rhonda Spindley

Library                       Ms. Seanna Forcey


Core French Teachers:

Mme Annie Nielsen

Mme Melanie Zarzycki


Resource Teachers:

Mrs. Natalie Leitch

Mrs. Sandie Thompson

Ms. Melanie Zarzycki

Ms. Loan de Bock


Planning Time Teachers:

Mrs. Chris Seip

Mrs. Tara Bilton

Mrs. Megan Winch

Ms. Rachel Peters


Educational Assistants:

Mrs. Linda Ghent

Mr. Dean Yundt

Ms. Jodi Perreault

Mrs. Lisa Hoegy

Ms. Tara Tawse

Ms. Mandy Forsyth

Ms. Cindi Feener

Ms. Margo Abbott



Mrs. Carrie Dunville

Ms. Courtney Pinson