April At A Glance

Posted April 2, 2023

Hello Dragon Families,

Spring has sprung! April brings showers, flowers, and the celebration of Earth Day. Keep learning, growing, and exploring!

April 3 to 6 – Live Free Week 

“Toonies for Tummies” is our Live Free Campaign that supports our Snack Programs at school. Students are encouraged to bring in a toonie during the week. Donations help feed students in need. Join us and make a difference by donating! On the last day, we’ll have fun, games, and a treat to celebrate the impact of our giving. Thank you for your support!

Please see the important dates below:

Upcoming Dates:

April 3 – 6 – Live Free – Toonie For Tummies

April 4 – Intermediate Skills Competition

April 4 – Parent Council – 7 pm – All Welcome

April 5 – Custodial Appreciation Day

April 6 – Live Free Day – Fun & Games

April 7 – Good Friday – No School

April 10 – Easter Monday – No School

April 12 – International Day of Pink – Wear Pink

April 22 – Celebrate Earth Day

April 25 – Fundraiser Jean Little Montana’s Day – Save The Date – Info To Follow

April 26 – 45A, 56B, 6A to River Run

Ramadan Mubarak to all of those observing!

Ramadan occurs in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is observed by Muslims worldwide commemorating the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad. Ramadan is a time for prayer, self-examination and fasting. Fasting happens during the daylight hours, only eating before sunrise or after sunset, in special situations related to age and health there are variations to fasting. Eid al/ul Fitr marks the end of Ramadan this year on April 21/22.

Prayer in Jean Little.

o A multifaith prayer space is available at Jean Little. The location of the prayer spaces is just off the main hallway (2 rooms).

o The prayer spaces are equipped with carpets to aid in comfort

o  Use of this space will NOT be enforced or denied

o A multifaith prayer space has also been established in the Guelph Board Office.

As a reminder students and families who require religious or creed-based accommodations as supported by the Ontario Human Rights Code can contact the school.

School Screening:


Please continue to call the office if your student is going to be away from school.

Math Games and Activities for the Classroom or Home:

​Early Learning & Primary

  1. Building Math into Your Day: Math-y Activities for Little Learners, their Family & Friends
  2. Math Around the Home visual
  3. Primary Math Games for home
  4. Primary Mathematics: Ideas for Reinforcing and Practicing Skills & Concepts 


  1. Junior Math Games for home
  2. Junior Math Ideas for Reinforcing and Practicing Skills and Concepts 
  3. The Product Game: Rules and Gameboard; digital version
  4. Math Activities for Home (mathies)


  1. Intermediate Math Games for home
  2. Intermediate Mathematics: Ideas for Reinforcing and Practicing Skills & Concepts 
  3. The Product Game: Rules and Gameboard; digital version
  4. Factors and Multiples Game

Our school website is always a great place to start for info and our school calendar is updated regularly to reflect upcoming dates.


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