Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Role Email 1 Email 2 Extension
Alanna Collins Long Term Occ Academic Support
Andrea Dell'Erede English 420
Amy Hertz English 516
Alexandre Leroy French as a Second Language 499
Alison Marsh Mathematics
Alice Muller Science 415
Adrian Renzetti Head/Lead, Teacher Guidance 318
Adrianna Rocha Staff Caretaker-
Allison Sheppard Mathematics, Sec Special Ed Resource 469
Amy Smith Health and Physical Education 395
Amanda St Jean Teacher Guidance 316
Adam Verkley Technological Education 452
Ben Garnham Alternative Courses (non-credit) 555
Barbara Graham Technological Education 518
Blake Martin Technological Education 466
Brittany Metcalfe English
Bill Price Canadian and World Studies 513
Crystle Avery French as a Second Language
Christiaan Baikie Mathematics 383
Christine Brohman Ed Asst - Special Education
Cisca Campolongo Teacher Guidance 317
Carolyn Chesney Vice Principal
Charles Douglas Canadian and World Studies 536
Christine Frielink Head/Lead, Health and Physical Education 458
Carolyn Frielink Head/Lead, ESL, Teacher 334
Celina Kingshott Mathematics
Christopher Muller Health and Physical Education 498
Courtney Neufeld French as a Second Language
Clare Richards Classical and International Languages 570
Carol Schwartzenburg Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Chad Warren Principal
Dianne Brookson Technological Education 363
Douglas Buchanan Health and Physical Education
David Collins Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Damon Ealey Vice Principal
David Giaschi Health and Physical Education 443
Delia Little Arts 402
Darren MacDonald Alternative Courses (non-credit), Canadian and World Studies 406
Donna MacDonald Ed Asst - Special Education 418
Deborah Richards Head/Lead, Social Sciences and Humanities 425
Dorothy Vreeswyk-Kidd Arts 509
Diane Wilson Ed Asst - Special Education 507
Edwina Bennett Admin Office Ass't Secondary 320
Ellen Burns Head Caretaker-Secondary 310
Erin Conroy Social Sciences and Humanities 398
Erin Doupe Canadian and World Studies 377
Elisabeth Hart McKittrick Science
Emily Havercroft Sec Special Ed Resource 486
Ed Hicken Business Studies 510
Elise Kroes-Burn Admin Ass't Vice Principal
Erin Lowry Head Caretaker-Secondary
Ellen Walpole French as a Second Language 504
Ferris Howe English As a Second Language and English Literacy Development, Guidance and Career Education 401
Gregory Cawsey Head/Lead, Business Studies 332
Gabriela Larrosa Ed Asst - Special Education 381
Greg Staines Science 490
Gethin Walters Technological Education
Heather Calder Alternative Courses (non-credit) 349
Hien Lam Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Heather Lorimer Science 410
Iain Braithwaite Mathematics 368
Iain Durk Canadian and World Studies 493
Ian Walters Mathematics 503
Janet Alexander-Yowart Ed Asst - Special Education 419
Jodi Crewson Ed Asst - Special Education 375
Jodi Deschamps Head/Lead, Canadian and World Studies 576
Jeremey Draper Long Term Occ Academic Support
James Granger Health and Physical Education 448
Jamie Gusba Science 386
Jeff Harvey Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Jennifer Hutchinson Arts
Jessica Laforest Mathematics
Jamie Levely Technological Education 543
Jennifer Maahs Canadian and World Studies 441
Jane McFadden English 546
Josh Ogden Science, Sec Special Ed Resource 404
Jeffrey Pettis Head/Lead, English
John Rawson Ed Asst - Special Education 485
Jennifer Rock Social Sciences and Humanities 512
John Rota Arts, Technological Education 476
Joanne Sealey Child Youth Counsellor Sec 321
Julie Stedman Health and Physical Education 347
June Sulley Arts 433
Jennifer Taylor French as a Second Language
James Woodyard Science 489
Jennifer Yurick Teacher 378
Keith Elsegood Shift Supervisor-Secondary
Kathy Gristey Office Co-ordinator Secondary 304
Keri Lindsay Head/Lead, Mathematics 477
Kristen Mirotta Teacher 463
Kellie Moffit-Campagnaro Ed Asst - Special Education 465
Kelly Zabder Science 475
Kris Zuber Ed Asst - Special Education
Louisa Cassolato French as a Second Language 453
Liza Livingston Ed Asst - Special Education 491
Lisa McLean Canadian and World Studies, Guidance and Career Education, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher 412
Lorna Medley Ed Asst - Special Education 392
Lisa Miszczak Canadian and World Studies 438
Laura Nero Long Term Occasional Sec
Lena Sakool EA/SPA LTO l/other
Lisa Sanvido Vice Principal
Malcolm Allen Science
Michelle Brady Guidance and Career Education, Other 408
Marie Creighton Admin Ass't Vice Principal 307
Madeline Davis Student Success, Teacher Guidance
Malcolm Gault Teacher 421
Meredith Kemila English
Martin Lacelle English, Social Sciences and Humanities 400
Meaghan Lugsdin English
Meaghan Mazurek Canadian and World Studies 380
Michael Neerhof Arts 482
Maria Rossi Canadian and World Studies, Guidance and Career Education
Mira Soni Teacher 524
Mark Yanchus Mathematics 427
Nicole Fuda Business Studies 389
Nicholas Key Head/Lead, Science 431
Nancy Seminara-Hunyady Ed Asst - Special Education
Nancy Strub Ed Asst - Special Education 390
Oliver Hyde Mathematics 496
Paul Lydan Head/Lead, Technological Education 396
Patricia Townson EA/SPA Approved SLTO
Rebecca Bailey Minaker Head/Lead, Sec Special Ed Resource 370
Riley Brennan Mathematics
Ronald Docksteader Canadian and World Studies, French as a Second Language, Guidance and Career Education 413
Rodney Evans Head/Lead, Health and Physical Education 545
Robin Inniss Mathematics 571
Richard Kaune Computer Studies 562
Randy Lawrence Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Reynaldo Morales Teacher 479
Robyn Nellis Canadian and World Studies 376
Robin Schafer Social Sciences and Humanities 371
Shaheed Abraham-Doman Mathematics
Sean Arnold Mathematics 492
Sandy Atanasoff Teacher 508
Susan Bender Science 430
Sandra Detmar Guidance and Career Education 423
Sheldon Jacobs Canadian and World Studies 540
Stephanie Moni Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Sean Solomon French as a Second Language
Trent Bewick Co-op, Technological Education 403
Tamara Graham Head/Lead, Canadian and World Studies 434
Toni Lucca Ed Asst - Special Education
Tara Moore Alternative Courses (non-credit) 437
Teresa Ventresca Business Studies, English As a Second Language and English Literacy Development 455
Tammy Watson Business Studies 436
Tim Wilson Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Victoria Smith Admin Ass't Vice Principal 348
Wilma Aalbers Head/Lead, Librarian 440
Wendy Tran English As a Second Language and English Literacy Development
Zora Sroka Library Assistant Secondary