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Literacy Test (OSSLT) @ Ross


2023 – 2024 Literacy Test @JFR Information

Updated March 2024

  1. All grade 10 students are required to write the OSSLT. Students must complete the literacy requirement to graduate.
  2. Students will write the OSSLT in their English classes between April 8 and April 25 2024
  3. Rewriters or Gr. 11 students who have not yet attempted the test will write on April 17 and 18 in the library beginning period 3 each day. See Ms. Aalbers or Ms. Willoughby if you would like to confirm that you’re writing on those days.
  4. The newest version of the OSSLT is 100% digital. You will complete all sections online, on a school chrome book, over two separate 75 minute sessions.
  5. Practice materials are available at They are an excellent preview of the actual test!

Please direct any questions to Ms. Aalbers, head of literacy and Teacher-Librarian at John F. Ross: [email protected]



Administration of the OSSLT

Information posted below relates to the pen and paper OSSLT, written prior to 2020. While formatting of the 2023-24 OSSLT remains reflective of the exercises listed below, be advised that the current test is written online. The only long piece of writing now required on the OSSLT is a series of paragraphs. Students read and respond to a news report, but are no longer required to write one. Practice materials for the online version are available here.

Practising for the Test

Writers are invited to sign up for practice sessions on the series of paragraphs and open response-style questions. These will run in the library media lab on April 10 and 11, 2024. Email Ms. Aalbers at [email protected] for more information or to register.


UGDSB Literacy Web Site – so many great resources here!

Literacy Slideshow from assembly on Oct. 23, 2019.

Acing the OSSLT – slideshow offering tips and info about data generated after mock test.

Thanks to the St. Mary’s High School Student Success Team – Carol DeVrieze, David DiGiuseppe, Karen Drummond, Brandon Haynes and Jamie Rodrigue – for creating many of these materials and allowing us to use their work!

Practice Tests

practice test – booklet 1 – questions and answers
practice test – booklet 2 – questions and answers
practice test – booklet 1 – video feedback

practice test – booklet 2 – video feedback
practice test – booklet 1 – slideshow feedback
practice test – booklet 2 – slideshow feedback

Additional Practice Lessons at John F. Ross

Opinion Essay – link to a Google doc
Short Answer Questions – link to a Google doc
Multiple Choice Questions – link to a Google doc

Remediation Resources

Still More Resources and Tips

Released OSSLT Materials

The following materials are sections of the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test that have been released by EQAO to assist students in preparing for the literacy test. They are examples of the actual questions and tasks used in previous years.

Released OSSLT Materials – examples of actual questions from previous test booklets:

Accommodations and Deferrals

All Students: Extra Time
All students will be provided extra time to complete the test if it is needed.
ESL Students
ESL students write the test when they are ready, usually after they have completed ESL EO.
Students with IEPs
Students with IEPs are routinely provided with accommodations in classrooms, the resource room, and for evaluations, to allow them better access to the curriculum. The list below reflects accommodations that apply for the OSSLT that appear on some IEPs.

Only students who are not working towards an Ontario Secondary School Diploma are exempt from writing the test.