Jump Rope for Heart

Posted June 5, 2020

Silhouette 3137201_1280Each year, John McCrae participates in Jump Rope for Heart. This year we get to do it VIRTUALLY! The Heart & Stroke’s Virtual Jump Rope Event is taking place on Friday, June 19th! During the week of June 15th, we’ll be asking all McCrae students to get outside and jump rope. We’ll also have some suggestions of what you can do if you don’t have a skipping rope.
The main goal for us is to encourage kids to be active, but for the Heart & Stroke Foundation this is also one of their main fundraising events. If your family is interested in fundraising, please register to join our school using this link. If someone you know is making a donation, and your child is hoping to win incentive prizes, the donation needs to be made under your child’s name (instead of a donation on the school page).¬†We’re looking forward to jumping with you on June 19th!

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