School Council Minutes (Jan. 17, 2023)

Posted February 14, 2023

École King George School Council

Supporting Education through Community, Communication, and Innovation

Meeting Minutes – Jan. 17, 2023

In Attendance: Jane Bibby (Principal), Christie Brown (Co-Chair), Erica Scime (Secretary), Jaclyn Wise, Steph Roberts, Colleen Mackeray, Jenna Scott Eardley, Louise Anbek (sp.?), Kelly Ough, Kathy Major McRonald

  1. Welcome – Christie Brown, Co-chair
  2. Overview of Grade 9 Process for Grade 8 parents – Jaclyn Wise
  • Students must use “My BluePrint” online program to choose their Grade 9 courses. At this point, all Grade 8 students have signed in.
  • Students’ high school of choice is already loaded in the system for them, so they are accessing the courses available at their chosen high school. They can pick all their courses from Grade 9 and up to Grade 12, but they are told which courses they need for Grade 9 and which courses they need to stay in French Immersion.
  • Students need ten courses in French to get their French Language certificate. They suggest taking 3 to 4 of those in Grade 9 to ensure it frees up more options for the specialized courses only offered in the later years.
  • Grade 9 English code has changed. If you decide to take the English stream, you should take Grade 10 French as you only need 1 French class to graduate from the English stream.
  • You do not need to take Science in French to get your French Language certificate.
  • All parents will get a chance to see their child’s course selection as courses cannot be submitted directly by students without parental consent.
  • For any questions or concerns, please reach out directly to Jaclyn Wise by phone at: 519-822-1911 ext. 411 or email at [email protected]
  1. Approval of the Nov. Meeting Minutes and Jan. Agenda – Christie Brown, Co-chair
  2. Budget allocation and update on recent school events – Christie Brown, Co-chair
  • We have approx. $8,000 and we need to use it during this school year so we need to commit to how it will be spent.
  • Some things people are interested in:
    • Forest of Reading but we missed the deadline for this year so want to keep on top of it for next year.
    • Eco Club
    • Music
    • Art
    • Family Fun Night – excited to start planning for this event. Will have an Ice Cream Truck again and want to have some stuff for kids to do on their own.
  • In terms of where the school gets money, we make about $2000 in pizza sales, not sure how much on milk. Some parents have expressed interest in bringing back the Acorn Art Fundraiser and Craft Show. Other ideas: coupon book, movie night, multi-cultural night.
  • School Sing Along held in December went really well though there were less numbers than expected due to the need to reschedule the date. Had expected 200 based on RSVP but only 100 in attendance. There were mostly young kids in attendance and for lots of parent volunteers, it was the first event they were involved in so had no idea what to expect and learned a lot from it.
  1. Date reminders
  • Sundays at 12:00pm – Special School Lunch box orders are due each week and available through School Cash online. Lunches can be ordered each Sunday by noon and will be delivered on Tuesday or Fridays if you order Pizza. You can also order milk at this time, but it will not be delivered until 2 weeks.
  • , Feb. 14 – School Council Meeting
  • , Feb. 17–school’s first-ever Winter Carnaval! There will be morning bingo all week ending with an assembly and outdoor activities on Friday.
  • , Feb. 20 – Family Day (no school)


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