King George School-Letter Program

To graduate with a School Letter, Intermediate students must obtain 20 points over their two years at King George.  To ensure students are active in a wide variety of school life, points must be earned from three areas:  Academics, Sports & Clubs, and Services.  A minimum of 5 points must be earned in each area.  The remaining 5 points may be earned from any area the student chooses.


Students will be credited a point for receiving an A in a subject area  ( 80 % or higher) with a limit of one point per subject area per term, i.e., 1 for Mathematics, 1 for Language Arts.   One point may be earned from Learning Skills each term if they are all categorized as Good or better.  Two points will be awarded if all are categorized as Excellent.

Sports & Clubs

Students will be credited one point for making the team and representing King George in a positive manner at any tournament or sporting event.

Students taking part in intramurals for the duration of the intramural event can earn a point.

Students taking part in a club on a regular basis will be eligible to earn a point from the director/organizer of the club.  Students will earn a point for their participation and positive contribution to the club.   Clubs will include activities such as choir, student council, Action Committee, Dance Committee, Environmental Committees, as well as chess, Lego, Math, etc.


Students helping in a service area such as Pizza and Milk helpers, Office area helpers, Announcers, Patrollers, lunch room monitors, School Council babysitters, etc. will be awarded one point for each area in which they are involved.

Students will be awarded a School Letter at the Grade 8 graduation ceremony in June.  Teachers will track the names of eligible students and submit these names to the office for tracking and accounting purposes.