School Council Minutes (May 9, 2023)

Posted June 13, 2023


Meeting Minutes – May 9, 2023 

In Attendance: Jane Bibby (Principal), Christie Brown (Co-Chair), Sally Betts (Co-Chair), Erica Scime (Secretary), Joyce Baker, Case McMorrow, Blair Nameth, Julie Brownell  

  1. Welcome – Sally Betts and Christie Brown, Co-chairs  
  1. New reading program– Julie Brownell 
  • This program is geared toward the primary grades, but all children will benefit. It’s newish since most teachers have been doing it all along, like teaching phonics, but this program will be done in a more structured way.  
  • Students will get more visuals to help them understand words easier. 
  • Details can be found in the attached presentation by Madame Julie Brownell, one of the school’s resource teachers, who is helping roll out this program with staff. 
  1. Approval of today’s Agenda and Minutes from the last meeting–All  
  1. Silent Auction planned for Family Fun Night – Joyce Baker 
  • Goal this year is to raise $5,000 to use for: 
  •  a) materials to support the new reading program 
  • b) to help students with the transition years of 5, and 7 when feeder school kids join the King George school community. Would like to offset the cost of sending these kids to camp or another community-building experience. 
  • Calls have started for donations from parents and the school community. Items can be dropped off at school, ideally with a minimum value of $25. 
  • Joyce is looking for someone to partner with or to shadow her as her youngest is graduating and this will be the last year she does this event. 
  1. Principal Update– Jane Bibby 
  • She’s retiring but they do not know who will be replacing her. She will not be 100% retired but plans to do supply work and cover when needed. 
  • The Grade 3s and 6s are getting ready for EQAO tests. 
  • There will still be new math introduced. 
  • Principal survey is out and will need to be completed. 
  1. Feedback from UGDSB “Building Engaging School Councils” Workshop offered by the Parent Involvement Committee (PIC)– Sally Betts and Christie Brown, Co-chairs 
  • Talked about School Council Bylaws and looking for a copy of King George’s school’s if they exist? They will check the Google Drive of council documents as there should be a draft of the bylaws. If not, will reach out to past Chairs, i.e., Cathy Kim, Natasha Templeton, Leslie Fisher. 
  • The workshop gave tips on conflict resolution amongst school councils and would like to include it as an action item for September 2023 to discuss. 
  • Suggestion to elect the next year’s school council in June so you can start right away in September. School council elections will be added to the June Agenda. 
  • Found out that Finance principles are not universally applied across the school board. 
  1. Family Fun Night Planning– Christie Brown, Co-chair 
  • Wanted to know what the budget was for past Family Fun Nights.  
  • They have put together an Epic Night but need volunteers. 
  • Free activities: they will have inflatables, Face Painting and Glitter Tattoos, and various contests for kids to participate in leading up to the night and at the actual event.  
  • Juniors – Posters 
  • Intermediates -Ugly Cake Contest 
  • Creative Writing Club -story or poem contest 
  • Working on getting celebrity judges. 
  • Paid activities: Some food can be purchased at the event, i.e., non-alcoholic drinks, items from an ice cream truck and samosas. NOTE: Hamburgers, Veggie burgers and hotdogs combos with chips and a drink must be ordered and paid for using School Cash Online. These items cannot be bought the night of. 
  1. Guelph Outdoor School Program– Christie Brown, Co-chair 
  • Looking at running a pilot. Will need to discuss first with the incoming Principal to assess staff support as this will impact teachers’ current curriculum. 
  1. Date reminders 
  • Sundays at 12:00pm – Special School Lunch box orders are due each week and available through School Cash online. Lunches can be ordered each Sunday by noon and will be delivered on Tuesdays or Fridays if you order Pizza. You can also order milk at this time, but it will not be delivered until 2 weeks.  
  • Mon., May 22 – Victoria Day (no school) 
  • Fri., June 2– PD Day (no school) 
  • Wed., June 21–Family Fun Night 
  • Mon., June 26–Graduation  
  • Thurs., June 29 – Last day of school assembly and Volunteer Thank You at 9 am in the gym  

2023 05 09 KG Meeting Minutes

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