Specific Expectations for School

School Arrival

  1. Until 8:50 a.m. students are able to use the hardtop, Junior soccer field area or the grassy area between the creative playground and the hardtop.
  2.  Upon arrival or unloading of busses in the morning Junior students may enter the school to unload backpacks. Primary students put their backpacks in the doorway entrance. Kindergarten may bring their backpacks to the classroom assisted by their bus buddies.
  3. After unloading backpacks students are to remain outside until permitted to enter. All students are to use their assigned doors to enter the school.
  4. Students are to line up by class outside at the end of the 8:50 recess.
  5. Electronics such as Gameboys or IPODS are only to be used on the bus, not on the yard or during school time. For safe keeping students can deliver them to the office after the 8:50 bell. Until 8:50 students must keep electronics in their backpacks.

General yard rules (Hardtop, creative area, field)

Creative Playground

  1. Creative play area can only be used by students once it has been checked and approved by a yard duty teacher. This applies to every recess.
  2. Climber is out of bounds from November 1st to March 1st and on any other wet, snowy or rainy day.
  3. The swings are for everyone’s use. There are no junior swings. The playground including the swings is intended for mainly primary use.
  4. Slip-on sandals and smooth soled shoes are not allowed on the climbers.


  1. There is to be no trading or selling of anything such as pokemon cards.
  2. Food snacks and garbage (e.g. wrappers, paper, popsicle sticks) are not permitted outside.
  3. Students need to remember to take what you need when you go outside. They may not be allowed to re-enter the school for a forgotten toy.
  4. Students can bring toys such as sand toys, balls ( except the tiny, hard superballs), small cars or toys of their own and are the responsible for looking after it.
  5. Balls or any other piece’s of equipment that are thrown or kicked over the property fence or into the parking lot can only be retrieved with a supervisor’s permission and supervision.
  6. Play wrestling or body contact games are not allowed.
  7. Play only in designated areas in clear view of yard supervisors (avoid the dumpster area, parking lot, snow piles).
  8. The treed area behind the ball diamond and below the crest of the hill in the back far side are out of bounds.
  9. Sun block and hats are recommended for protection on sunny days.
  10. Skipping ropes are allowed on the hardtop and are for skipping only.

Soccer and Other Balls

  1. Soccer balls are only allowed on the soccer fields.
  2. Soccer fields are assigned as follows:
  3. Beside school grade 5&6
  4. Back field grade 3&4
  5. Between the trees and ball diamond grade 1&2
  6. Tennis balls are for playing catch and baseball on the grass only.
  7. Basketballs are to be used at the basketball nets.
  8. Large rubber bouncy balls can be used on the four square area of the hardtop.

Baseball Rules

  1. Play must be inclusive and follow 3 pitch rules.
  2. Take turns on ball diamonds. Diamonds are assigned as follows:
    • Small diamond is for Primary students only and only soccer baseball.
    • Big diamond is for Junior students using tennis ball and plastic bats.
  3. Small diamond can be used for junior students unless primary students come to use it.

Winter Rules

  1. Snow forts belong to everyone.
  2. No throwing snow.
  3. Toboggans and sleds are only allowed when a teacher arranges a class supervised time on the hills. Please do not bring sleds and toboggans for recess.
  4. Follow the Golden Rule-Treat others the way you would like to be treated.


  •        verbal reminder
  •        warning review of expectations / rules
  •        written or verbal apology
  •        incident sheet
  •        yard:5 minutes on the wall
  •        yard: walk with the teacher
  •        letter written to parent
  •        phone call home
  •        student contact sheet
  •        restitution
  •        in-school community service
  •        recess detentions
  •        class time detentions
  •        loss of in-school privileges
  •        loss of field trip privileges
  •        suspension from the bus
  •        suspension
  •        expulsion


  •       discussion with P/VP
  •       reflective paragraph / essay
  •       problem solving
  •       conflict mediation
  •       social stories
  •       discussion with parents ( next steps, solutions)
  •       conference with others involved
  •       restorative justice
  •       Child and Youth Counsellor support
  •       positive reward system
  •       Attendance Counsellor support
  •       student/ teacher / parent meeting
  •       case conference with school staff and/or Board consultants
  •       referral to outside agencies
  •       Suspension / Expulsion Program