Parent Council Virtual Meeting September 30th @ 7pm

Posted September 16, 2020

Hello Parkinson Families!


As the new school year begins, it is time to form a new Parkinson Centennial School Council.  School Council is a group of parents along with Parkinson staff and Administration that meet once a month to discuss happenings in the school and plan events.  In our current situation, we know that some things such as Food Days are paused for the moment and we will continue to learn what kinds of events can be planned for the school year.


The first School Council meeting will take place on Wednesday, September 30 at 7pm.  This meeting will take place virtually and meetings will continue to remain this way until further notice.  All positions will become vacant at this meeting and a voting process will take place to elect a new Executive.  If you are interested in being a part of the School Council that wants to hold a position or would like to be a part of the conversation and help in different ways, please send an email to [email protected].  You must send an email with your name and child(ren)’s names and grades, in order to receive the link to attend the meeting.


Please note that if your child is attending school online, you can still join the Parkinson School Council.





  1. Chair/CoChairs
  • Set agenda in consultation with principal and Council members and distribute to school community ahead of the next School Council Meeting
  • Chair all School Council Meetings
  • Promote open dialogue between School Council members
  • Create a positive environment in which individual contributions are encouraged and valued
  • Facilitate conflict resolution when necessary
  • Regularly communicate with the Executive regarding all School Council matters
  • Complete an annual report on the activities of the School Council
  • Consult with the principal, trustees, and board members on behalf of the Council as required
  • Be responsible for the content and production or delegation of any official correspondence and communication of the School Council
  • Be responsible that all School Council initiatives that are voted on are carried out as per the outcome of the vote
  • Verify the Financial Report and ensure that it is available to any parent/guardian upon request


  1. Vice Chair
  • The Vice Chair will assist the Chair in carrying out his/her responsibilities
  • In the event the Chair is unable to fulfill any of his/her responsibilities, the Vice Chair shall act as the Chair’s designate
  • Assumes duties of the Chair in his/her absence


  1. Treasurer
  • Be available during school hours to make bank deposits
  • Collect and count, with at least one other council member, all money raised during fundraising activities.
  • Keep accurate and detailed records of the financial activities of School Council
  • Be responsible to ensure best accounting practices are followed for School Council generated funds
  • Provide a Financial Report to be shared at each School Council meeting and ensure that it is available to any parent/guardian upon request
  • Cheque requests must be approved by the Treasurer


  1. Secretary
  • Record and distribute minutes for all School Council meetings in a timely and accurate fashion
  • Prepare and distribute the monthly newsletter in consultation with the School Council Executive


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