To speak with the office co-ordinator, please dial 519-941-2461 and press “0″.*

General Delivery, Attendance, Homework Mailbox: Extension 100
Extension 100 also includes messages for front office staff

Staff List


Principal – Paola Argentino, Ext. 223
Vice Principal – Patricia Josephson, Ext. 224
Librarian – Sheila Rea, Ext. 225
Child and Youth Counsellor – Shannon Kennedy
School Council Mailbox – (also called Parent Council) Ext. 500


Homework & Attendance messages:

Please leave messages requesting homework for absent students on the attendance mailbox (ext. 100) with your message excusing your child. This will allow teachers enough time to put together the package. Since teachers may not check their voice mail first thing in the morning, it is very important that all attendance messages are only left on extension 100.

Your child’s safety is important to us. If we do not get a message excusing your child on our attendance line (extension 100), we will call all phone numbers on the child’s file to confirm they are safe. If we are unable to confirm the child’s safety, we may call the police and file a missing child report. Your call on our attendance line is very important.

* If the office staff is unable to answer your call (on “0″), your message will be recorded on extension 100. The office is alerted to messages on extension 100 by the system.

School Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.