To speak with the office co-ordinator, please dial 519-941-2461 and press “0″.*

General Delivery, Attendance, Homework Mailbox: Extension 100
Extension 100 also includes messages for front office staff

First Name Last Name Role Email 1 Email 2 Extension
Alyssa Bernardi 23C
Athena Flak Teaching Vice Principal, Vice Principal
Andrea Rouse EA/SPA LTO l/other
Alexander Van Der Wijst FI Planning, Resource Teacher
Andrea Walton Ed Asst - Special Education
Anita Wright Ed Asst - Special Education
Carole Connors Designated Early Childhood Ed
Chelsea Koshman KC
Carol Waffler Teacher
Dayna Hoekstra 78b
Deanna Manning 34a
Gleannan Perrett 56c
Harwant Dhaliwal 78a
Jessica Cote SPE
Jennifer Marnie Office Co-ordinator
Janesse Matanovic Core French
Kyle Adams Child Youth Counsellor
Kirby Hamilton Resource Teacher, Teacher
Laura Dilba F1b
Lindsay Mall 23D
Lora Mills Staff Caretaker-
Livia Rob F12A
Lorrie Wren Designated Early Childhood Ed
Marla Firth Librarian, Resource Teacher
Michelle Randell Designated Early Childhood Ed
Michelle Rayburn EA/SPA Approved SLTO
Michelle Sowter Designated Early Childhood Ed
Paul Huddleston Principal 223
Paz Martinez FKB
Pamela Rees Ed Asst - Special Education
Robyn Rees Ed Asst - Special Education
Sean Armstrong 1d
Sean Boston Teacher
Simrin Chahal 56a
Sarah Chambers KD
Stephanie Fisher 45B
Sarah Fletcher F3e
Shantal Gardner FKA
Shannon Grist Long Term Occasional
Sandi Miller 1c
Sharon Styles Head Caretaker-
Susanne Ward Staff Caretaker-
Tim Buchan Teacher
Tania Buczkowski F23b
Tina Lindsay Admin Office Ass't 100
Tracey Magennis Ed Asst - Special Education
Vanessa Collie Resource Teacher