September 26, 2023 – School Council Minutes

Posted October 30, 2023

September 26th, 2023 School Council Minutes (unapproved Draft)

Ponsonby Public School Council Meeting Minutes: September 26th, 2023

Date: Sept 26th, 2023 Location: Ponsonby Public School Library
Attendees: Kelley Jones, Lindsay Wideman, April Blakey, Sandra Baugley, Darcy Studer, Rebeccah McDowall, Krista Chappell-Merchant, Mindy Golightly, Roslyn Conti, Andrea Miller
Regrets: Megan Primeau, Christina de Jonge, Christine Anderson, Laura Burns, Mary-el Lane
Meeting began: 6:36 pm




# Agenda Item Lead To Be Accomplished Time
1. Welcome and Introductions Co-chairs Rebeccah –          Introduced ourselves

–          Submitted our nomination forms (need to be filled out even if you are a parent-at-large member)

–          Darcy was nominated for treasurer

–          Rebeccah & Megan were nominated for co-chairs

–          April & Christina were nominated for co-secretaries




2. Principal Report Kelley 1.     Foundational Student Achievement – exceptional literacy results last year, continuing the work using data to inform instructional next steps in both Reading and Math

➔ looking for feedback: would

there be interest in a parent information session, possibly among the Elora feeder schools, about the new language approach and curriculum?

2.      Inspiring a Life-Long Love of Learning Experiential Learning Review – Arts Trips – plan for 2 trips per 1-6 class for River Run, cost of $5 per trip – Sports Trips: aiming for cost of

$5 per trip through the year; might need some parent drivers to keep bus costs reasonable – Junior Science Trips: Class 3/4A and 4/5B – fully subsidized trip for University of Waterloo in Nov Class 5/6A – partially subsidized trip to Island Lake Conservation Area in Nov Grade 4/5/6 – fully subsidized trip to Green Legacy in fall not

spring this year ➔ looking for

feedback re: a ‘reasonable ask’ for the total yearly cost of field trips

3.      Ensure Equity of Access and Outcomes “We will be implicit that equity is central to every decision made by the UGDSB, at every level within the organization. We will establish equitable access to digital, academic, and developmental opportunities and resources.”

➔ looking for feedback re:




what areas in terms of equity of access can you see

4.      Lead through Sustainability – No-Mow “Nature Study Area” has signage added and some specimens from the ‘seed bombs’ made last spring are blooming now – considering a Litterless Lunch campaign for Waste Reduction Week in

October ➔ looking for feedback

re: ‘Boomerang’ lunches, possibly asking for donations of reusable lunch containers,

other ideas?

We could make it a challenge amongst classes where we see which class can have the least amount of garbage in a week and/or what classes can remember to turn the lights off.

5.      Champion Health & Well-Being First 9 Days of School – Belonging, Calming Strategies, Affirmations Wellness Works themes throughout the year – September: Welcoming October: Building Relationships November: Problem Solving

DRAFT Bullying Prevention Plan – School Theme of ‘Belonging’ 1. Use the supports from School Mental Health Ontario (e.g., First 10 Days, Mindfulness) and the Wellness Works/Umbrella Project to strive to build positive well-being in all school community members’ lives. 2. A variety of school clubs and teams, including a GSA, to engage students with their school community 3. Spirit Days, created using the Equity guidance from the board, which include colour house activities, celebrations around the world, Terry Fox Day and other events to allow for



diverse student leadership roles. 4. Daily announcements to celebrate and acknowledge the traditions and celebrations, and observances that are outlined in the UGDSB Equity Calendar

5.   Adult-facilitated discussion to resolve and reduce conflicts, and build relationships through looking for areas of common ground 6. ‘Windows and Mirrors’ approach to diversity of resources and learning opportunities, during Bullying Prevention Week and throughout the year 7. Increase our resources, for staff, students, and families, to reflect and act on current societal issues (e.g., BIPOC,

2SLGBTQ+ ) ➔ looking for feedback –

what might be reasons that families don’t use the ‘report bullying’ submission button on the website?


6.      School Projects Gagaball Court

– construction has started!



3. Treasurer’s Report Darcy –          Darcy will be revamping the report to make it easier to see what accounts money is going into or where it is coming out of.

–          Rename accounts to align to Initiatives instead of Fundraising Events.

–          All Fundraising will go through 8672 – Fundraising General (Income and Expenses)

–          As Fundraising events conclude the final proceeds will be moved into the Initiative account

–          All budgeted spending will come out of the Initiative accounts

–          Leaving a specific “Hot Lunches” account because that tends to run all year, will periodically move proceeds

–          Year end BBQ, we did not spend enough. We need to spend more this year.

–          We have about $2300 left from last year but Kelley still needs to adjust a few things from end of year so this number may not be accurate.





4. Fundraising Rebeccah –          Panther Feast will be on Dec 7th, 2023. Lindsay will make sure the tables and chairs are ordered this week.

–          Rebeccah will make a Facebook post about needing a police records check if you plan on volunteering. April suggested that




we remind parents in in the post that this is even needed to go on class trips as this is fairly new and a lot of parents do not realize this.

–          Fall merch will begin next week (October 2nd) and will be open for 2 weeks. Krista will begin this. We will bump up prices by $1 again so that we have extra money to purchase extra shirts to “raffle” off for the students

–          Mabels Labels is open year round.

It was advertised in the JK orientation

–          Movie nights, first movie will be Rumble on October 20th, 2023. Grade 6s will run it again and Kelley will ask the grade 6 teachers if they can ask their class for volunteers

–          Fundscrip needs an earlier cut off as last year was cutting it too close to be able to hand them out and some people missed giving out their gift cards when they wanted to.

–          We will start this on October 20th (and advertise during movie night) and end it on November 3rd.

–          Darcy asked if we could change the end date if we need to. We get free shipping over $5000, so if by November 3rd, we have not made that, we do have time to extend it another week to try and get more sales.

–          Mindy suggested to keep in mind a poppy fundraiser for next year (poppies with a backing that we sell), too late to do it this year

–          Winter Market is scheduled for November 18th, 2023.

–          Will look into companies that do fresh wreaths and/or planters to see what they charge (April will also ask Eberlee’s



mom as she does planters too)

–          Will still do poinsettias, even if we do wreaths and planters

–          We will have a

sub-committee for the market (everyone in school council wants to take part) meetings can be held outside of the school

–          Rebeccah and Kelley are looking into getting a school council email so when we email companies about donations, we don’t have to use our personal emails

–          Mindy might be able to get 4 Kitchener Rangers tickets and can also donate an electric toothbrush

–          We questioned being able to do a 50/50 or raffles but you need a special

license for that, which has to be through the municipality

–          Will aim to do a bottle drive in January 2024

–          Wondering if we should do the card box fundraiser again but think people wouldn’t be inclined to buy again this year since they probably still have cards from last year.

–     Mindy suggested trying Violet & Ash candles instead. She will reach out to the company and see if they do any fundraisers



6. Events/Calendar –          Thinking of things we could raise money for and we questioned the school sign. Kelley said the digital ones are quite     expensive,     between

$20,000-35,000. This would be a multi-year fundraising goal. Not proceeding with it this year, just an idea.

–          Darcy is wondering if we can repaint the propane tanks as that was brought to his attention by another parent. Kelley can look into it. We may be able to call the propane company and see if they can repaint it for us.

–          Science week again? Christina would like  to do  it again  this year but it was a huge commitment last year and she feels like if she does it again, she would like to be compensated similarly to what we would pay for “Scientists in the Classroom”. We all agreed that is more than fair. Kelley will look into how we would pay a parent for this instead of a company.

–          Teacher Budget

–       Lindsay proposed that that each Kindergarten teacher              (Ricker, Baugley, and Schrum) get $100

–       Every other classroom will get $100 each

–       We can let Mrs. McFedren and Mrs. Kruckshank know  that if they need  supplies, to please let school council know so  we can try and get their supplies instead of them using their own money.






Next Meeting: November 14th, 2023.

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