Our School

Principal: Kelley Jones
Office Co-ordinator: Mardi Peet
Superintendent: Matt McCutcheon
Trustee: Irene Hanenberg
School Council: Darcy Studer, Treasurer, Rebeccah McDowall, Co-Chair, April Blakey and Christina DeJonge Co-Secretary.

Grades: JK-Grade 6
School Population: 163


* Location – a rural school on Wellington County Road 7
* Busing – School is fully bused
* Students graduate to Elora Public School for Grades 7 and 8.
* Demographics Our school is set in an agricultural area where agriculture is the chief industry
* About the site Ponsonby sits on appproximately 10 acres with direct access to County Road 7
* History The school was built in 1964 and at one time was just a Grade 7 and 8 school.