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Principal: Kimberly Dempsey-Jones x.223

Vice Principal: Lori Shilvock x 224

Office Co-ordinator:  Leslie Prevost x.100

Assistant Office Administrators:  Mandy Clements and Melanie McAuley

Trustee : Ms. Lynn Topping

Superintendent of EducationDenise Heaslip

School Email


Kindergarten – Mrs. Bax  and Mrs. Duern (ECE)

Kindergarten – Ms. Little and Mrs. Battistel (ECE)

Kindergarten –Ms. Cation and Ms. Kamer (ECE)

Kindergarten – Ms. Haskell and Mrs. Rocha (ECE)

Grade 1 – Ms. McNalty

Grade 1Mrs. Hawkins

Grade 1/2 – Ms. Burgess

Grade 2 – Ms. Rabah

Grade 2 – Mrs. Wellman

Grade 3 – Ms. Little

Grade 3 – Mr. Bannon

Grade 3/4 – Mrs. Symons

Grade 4 – Mrs. Mesesnel

Grade 4/5 – Mrs. Carson-Pedri and Mrs. Hughes

Grade 5 – Natalie MacKenzie

Grade 6 – Mr. Hawkins

Grade 6 – Mr. Parsons

Grade 7 –Ms. DiFelice and Mr. Anania

Grade 7 – Mr. Benotto

Grade 8 – Mrs. Williamson

Grade 8 – Ms. Kelk

French – Mlle Di Felice, Mr. Murphy

Planning Time – Mrs. Ware, Mrs. Robertson, Mrs. Pasmore, Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Anderson

Special Education – Mrs. Robertson, Mrs. Pasmore, Mrs. Shilvock

Library – Mrs. Anderson

CYC – Katelynn Charbonneau/Jackie Smith – Mondays, Thursdays and alternate Wednesdays

EA Team – Mrs. Feeney, Mrs. Longworth, Mrs. Wallace