Feb 21, 2023 Weekly Update

Posted February 21, 2023

Good morning Rockwood families,

I hope you had a wonderful family day long weekend! This week we have the following events this week:

Pink Shirt Day: Wednesday is our focus on kindness and anti-bullying on pink shirt day! All students are encouraged to wear pink to stand up to bullying and classes will be focusing on bullying prevention and kindness activities this week including stories, videos and drama skits. Pink Shirt Day falls on the last Wednesday of February every year. Join us on February 22nd, 2023 in our mission to create a more kind, inclusive world by raising awareness for anti-bullying initiatives. Wear pink to show your support and stand up against bullying. See the following link for more resources. Pink Shirt Day. While this event is one day, our focus to create an inclusive school culture continues throughout the year.

Basketball Tournament: Thursday, we have our Intermediate basketball teams going to the tournament. Thanks to Mr. Johnson for his ongoing time and support with before and after school practices daily to prepare our students! Please ensure you have filled out the trip form if your child is attending.

In case of inclement weather, please remember to contact the office if your child does not take a bus and they are not attending. Bus students are not required to report their absence.

Food and Friends Fundraiser: Our Nutrition Program’s major annual fundraiser Help Kids Live Free From Hunger (Live Free) will take place February 20th – March 1st.We are asking community supporters, businesses, organizations, and individuals to help Food & Friends programs provide healthy food to hungry minds. Our goal is to Help Kids Live Free from hunger.

School cash online School Cash Online Link will be open for donations from February 20th – March 1st. If you require a tax receipt, you may donate through the Food and Friends website. https://www.childrensfoundation.org/ways-to-help/donate/donate-to-a-program. Please specify Rockwood Centennial Live Free in the notes section of the donation page. Thank you! If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected] Thank you to our co-ordinator Jenn Brink for all of the hard work with this program and the volunteers, students, and staff who keep this program available to our students.

Readathon: Students are excited about our readathon campaign and parents are encouraged to continue supporting literacy by reading with their children. The Read-a-thon will run from February 17th (through March break), to March 17th, 2023. Students are expected to set a goal of how many books they’d like to read and get pledges from family, friends and neighbours to support their goal. Sponsors are asked to choose a set amount to pledge to support the student’s goal. Please have your child use the Tally Sheet provided to track their reading progress. All pledge sheets and money are due on March 21st, 2023. Parents will be responsible for submitting a lump sum payment on School Cash Online for the full amount of the pledges received. You will only be able to make one lump sum to the Read-a-thon through the link provided. It will not work multiple times for additional payments.  School Cash Online Link

Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 classes that raise the most funds:

1st: Pizza & Movie Party        2nd: Movie & Popcorn Party       3rd: Extra Gym Period


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