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(COVID-19 Distance Learning Response Strategy)

RCPS Divisional Learn From Home Roll Out Plans (April 6, 2020)


(JK- Gr 3)

  • Weekly Plan for Language and Math will be shared on Monday in each Primary teacher’s Google Classroom.
  • Other subjects will be posted by planning time teachers on each Primary teacher’s classroom
  • Student Expectations- 1 hour a day, 5 hours a week and submission of assigned tasks if it’s highlighted to be done on through the classroom.  Some tasks will simply be done with pencil and paper at home.
  • Google Classroom is new to the Primary teacher’s and the students.  More tasks will be assigned to submit via the Classroom once we all get familiar with it.

(Gr 4- Gr 6)

  • For the first week we will post on Google Classroom everyday. After that, the weekly plan for Language and Math will be shared with students daily or Monday depending on the Junior teacher
  • Other subjects will be posted by planning time teachers on each Junior teacher’s Google classroom
  • Our division focus will be literacy and numeracy
  • We will post recommended reading and follow-up activities, also small writing tasks.
  • Our focus in math will be Number Sense and Numeration.  We are hoping to do a fun game or activity, with some sort of follow up
  • Student Expectations- 1 hour a day, 5 hours a week and submission of assigned tasks if it’s highlighted to be done on through the classroom.  Some tasks will simply be done with pencil and paper at home.
  • We will begin to add other subject areas as we progress further into April.
  • Our main goal for the first little bit, is to get the kids into a routine/habit of getting into Google Classroom and doing activities for their hour each day.

(Gr 7 & Gr 8)

  • Weekly Plan for Language, Math, and French will be shared on Monday on each subject’s Google Classroom.  Other subjects will follow based on a rotary schedule to be shared later. We are going to stick to the cycle schedule for posting non-daily subjects.
  • Focus for Language will be on continuation of building reading and writing stamina through self-selected choices and journal writing.  Initial focus for Math will be a review/continuation of concept development or strand prior to the break and will vary depending on grade and/or teacher.  Number Sense & Numeration skills will continue to be embedded regularly.
  • Student Expectations:
    • 2 hours a day, 10 hours a week and submission of assigned tasks by deadlines on each subject’s Google Classroom.
    • Make it a habit to do a virtual tour of ALL subject Google Classrooms regularly.
    • Students may also be expected to complete tasks that were started before the break and submit.
    • Suggestion to add Google Classroom, Google Calendar, Google Drive apps to phones, if students haven’t already..  These apps are free.


As we prepare for teacher led distance learning starting on April 6th, please review and familiarize yourselves with 2020 Parents’ Guide To Google Classroom . This resource will help you support your child’s learning. Google Classroom is the primary platform that our teachers will be using to facilitate distance learning.

Below are some link to videos created by RCPS Staff to assist parents and students to navigate and problem solve within Google Classroom.


Grade 7 & 8 School Letter

We are bringing back the School Letter program back to RCPS! When students graduate with a “School Letter” they are given a  crest and mention of this achievement as a kudos to their efforts in developing themselves into well rounded students and citizens. See details below.

The following is a description of how students earn points towards a school letter. Students must earn a total of 20 points over 2 years. They need to have 5 academic, 5 service, and 5 sports/clubs + 5 additional from any category. Read the points legend for more detail.

RCPS Points Legend For Parents

To all parents:

To access and view school points for individual students have your child/children log on to UGCloud and find the spreadsheet document that has their “last name, first name school points”. [(e.g.)” Cutz, Olivier school points” would be the document for Mr. Cutz.] Points will be updated as services, sports/clubs, and academics occur during the year. If your child/children believes/believe that the points are inaccurate, they need to speak with the teacher in charge of the event directly. This should be done no later than June 19th. Should there be any discrepancy from last year please have your child/children speak with M. Cutz .Please encourage your child to initially speak with the teacher on their own behalf as we are encouraging students to take initiative and be responsible for themselves.

Below is an example of the UGCloud points spreadsheet:

RCPS Sample of School Points Spread Sheet

A copy of this information will be duplicated in the Resources section of our website for future reference. We hope  that you will encourage your child to be a leader and build themselves into a balanced student by getting involved in all areas of school life.

School Spirit

Spirit Wear
Show your spirit for Rockwood Centennial Public School by wearing Rockwood Renegades t-shirts, shorts and hooded sweatshirts.

All Spirit Wear purchases support your School Council. Samples can be viewed on the Parent Resource Bulletin Board in the front lobby of the school. Periodic bulk orders are placed throughout the year.