RCPS Grade 7&8 Off-Site Lunch Privilege Policy

(reviewed September 2022)


In consultation with the teachers, parents, and the students in grades 7 & 8 at Rockwood Centennial Public School this policy reflects best practices to ensure that our students can benefit from the privilege of four off-site lunches per year in grade 7 and in grade 8. During the consultation, we considered logistical factors such as overcrowded restaurants, safe crossing on highway 7 and ensuring students have enough time to return to school on time from lunch.

Below is a list of procedures and expectations to ensure that our students stay safe and demonstrate independence and responsibility off school property during an off-site lunch.


  • Students can sign out for an off-site lunch four times per year. Twice in term 1 and twice in term
  • Students must apply to sign out in pairs or with a group at least one day in advance of the day they choose to go off-site provided they do not exceed the maximum quota of 12 students off-site per
  • A maximum of 12 students can be off-site per lunch
  • Students must provide a dated hand-written and signed note from parents on the day they have parent permission to have their lunch off-site in the morning.
  • The parent note must be submitted to the 1st period teacher on the day of the off-site lunch to ensure it is handed in to the office with the attendance The office will cross reference the note with the offsite daily application list.
  • Students must sign OUT at the office at the beginning of recess and sign IN at the office upon
  • Students must NOT be late upon returning to school and must sign in before the bell.
  • There are no exceptions to the procedure steps Students cannot phone parents the day of the off-site lunch to ask for verbal permission.
  • Failure to follow these procedures could result in the loss of privilege for off-site lunches in the future.


  • Students must follow the Code of Conduct at all times when off school property as they are still the responsibility of the school.
  • Students must follow traffic safety rules such as walking on sidewalks, crossing at official crosswalks or stop lights at all times. (http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/safety/pedestrian-safety.shtml)
  • Students must respect and not damage public and private property during their off-site
  • As a safety precaution, students will be allowed to bring a cell phone, however, students are still expected to follow the Computer Network and Internet Use Policy and display good digital citizenship.
  • Failure to follow these expectations could result in school disciplinary measures and/or the loss of privilege for off-site lunches in the future.


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