Dec 15 Update

Posted December 15, 2023

Dec 15, 2023

Happy Friday! Please see the following update:

Food Drive: Thank you to the RCPS families for all of their generous donations to our local food drive! We have gathered so many items to support families in need. We will be accepting donations until Monday and appreciate all contributions!

Concerts: Seasons greetings parents of singers and musicians! Rockwood will be featuring two musical concerts; an evening winter concert and the day time winter concert. These are two separate concerts. We are a large school, and they are separate due to gym capacity. We invite parents to come and enjoy their child’s performance.

This Daytime concert on Tuesday Dec 19th from 9-10:15am features the music classes from Grade 1-6. Students please wear something fun and festive on the concert performance day.

The Evening Winter Concert on Tuesday, December 19th 6:30 pm-7:30pm

The evening concert features the Music Clubs at RCPS. The Grade 1-5 Choir, Grade 6-8 Choir, Small Ensemble Band, and Intermediate Band. Grade 1-5 Choir members please wear a fun seasonal outfit! Grade 6-8 students please wear your music t-shirt with dark bottoms, please no ripped jeans. We look forward to performing for you!

  • We will have our dress rehearsal on December 19th period 3 and 4.

  • On the night of the concert please drop off band members at 6:00pm so we can warm up.

  • Other performers can arrive with their families and go to their supervised waiting rooms.

  • We will continue to rehearse during the breaks and we will have extra practices afterschool for the Intermediate Band, Small Ensemble Band,  and Grade 6-8 Choir. Please refer to the newsletter that was sent home with your child for practice times.

Food orders due today: A reminder that today is the final day to order food items (pizza-gluten free and dairy free available, milk, smoothies, pitas) for the upcoming term on schoolcashonline by 11:59pm. No late orders will be accepted.

Thank you for supporting these programs and to the amazing parents who help distribute and manage orders.

A final festive PJ/comfy cozy is planned for next Friday, Dec 22nd, the final day before the winter holidays!

Have a wonderful day and weekend!

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