May 25, 2021  School Council Minutes

Posted May 26, 2021

Time: 6:30-7:00

Virtually Attended by:  Jane Ridd, Vicki Scott Reid, Vanessa Cordes, Natasha Skerritt 

Financial Report: 

  • Playground repairs needed. (String Entanglement Hazard on Slides and Swing Replacements needed)
    • Quote = $1652. Still awaiting a second quote.
    • Repairs will be completed ASAP by the company with the lowest quote. 
    • Funds to pay for repairs will come from Category – 8700, 8705, 1250 and 5050,
  • Teacher Allocation funds have all been reimbursed leaving category #5205 with a $0 balance. 

Principal’s Report: 

  • We have smoothly settled back into remote learning. We do not know at this point if we will be returning to in-person learning this year. I am still hopeful that this will be the case and we will be back in June even if just for a couple weeks.
  • Remote Learning for the fall. Survey is currently open for anyone wishing to choose this as an option for next fall. As of current date no one from Salem has chosen Remote Learning as an option.
  • Report Cards – Report cards will be ready to go home on June 23. The plan for getting reports to parents is not set as of yet.
  • Graduation – drive up photo opportunity, certificates, cookies, – The school will be looking for some planters / decorations for our photo area. If anyone has any great flowers we can borrow for that evening that would be great.
  • Yearbook is well underway. Thanks to everyone who is working hard to make this happen for our students. Remember that pictures are due soon to staff that have asked for them. Yearbooks will very shortly be on sale on School Cash online. They will be be about $15 this year. (Same as last year.) It will be a physical hard copy yearbook. 
  • Registration, we are still accepting registration for September. If you know anyone that is new to our area and hasn’t yet registered please pass along my email to them or have them call the school. 
  • Construction happening at school. They have gotten a head start on projects that will be happening this summer. Some of the things they are doing include replacing our boiler system, replacing lights with LED lights and upgrading our Fire system. 
  • We will have 12 classes next year. Currently we have 11 so we will have one more. 
  • We will need to look at fundraising for some additional technology in the fall. Replacing and updating Chromebooks will be a priority for our school needs. 
  • We will look at ordering Spirit Wear in the early fall if able.

Fundraising for Next Year

  • Depending on Covid restrictions, possibly look at service clubs (Optimists, Rotary, Lions Club) that might be able to help us out with fundraising. 

Yearbook for Next Year

  • Vicki Scott Reid has offered to help out / take on the yearbook for next year. She will connect with Alyson Dubler to find out the process. 


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