School Council Minutes June 2023

Posted June 18, 2023

Salem Public School Council: Minutes

June 13, 2023

Start 6:35pm

Attendees: Kyla Lightfoot, Courtney Ecclestone, Thomas Samson, Amanda Marson & Vanessa Cordes


Approval of minutes from May: Courtney Ecclestone approves & Thomas Samson seconds

Teachers Report: (Amanda Marson)

  • Grade 6 grad-June 21st-please bring planters if anyone has extra.
  • Students did a great job at track and field and were very excited to participate.
  • Jump Rope for Heart will be happening on June 16th.
  • Lots of fun field trips coming up!
  • Play day happened this morning (Tuesday) and was a huge hit!
  • With the help of Ms. Heffernan and Mrs. Diljee, the Equity club will be selling rainbow bracelets on Wednesday and stickers on Thursday for $2 in support of Pride month. The money raised will go toward equity initiatives in our school for next year.
  • A big thank you from the kindergarten team to school council for covering the cost of the JK orientation bags 

Principals Report: (Kyla Lightfoot)

Salem School goals based on Board focus on literacy, math, academic engagement, well-being, equity and sustainability 

                         Foundational Education and Student Achievement 

           Literacy *new curriculum coming                                             Math 

Inspire a Lifelong Love of Learning 

Champion Health
& Well Being 

Ensure Equity of Access and Outcomes 


1. Family learning nights -e.g., math games, literacy nights to build community and share knowledge  1.Wide variety of student clubs and tournaments  1.Intervention to support learning gaps and attendance issues
2.Support board equity initiatives that focus on Human Rights for all (e.g., religion, culture, family structure) 
1. Reduce photocopying costs and use of paper 

2.Green team initiatives 

Treasurer Report: (Courtney Ecclestone)

  • Charitable lunches: $0 
  • Fundraising: $8562.17 
  • General Fund: $337.37
  • Milk: $0
  • Nutrition Program: $6278.89
  • Parent Engagement: $430.81
  • Playground: $4364.12
  • Playground maintenance: $668.77
  • Student Activities & Teacher Allocations: $0 

Total: $20,642.13 

Plan for next year:

  • Gaga pit: We are waiting for approval from the board, hopefully before the end of the school year,  so that it can be installed and ready to use in September. 
  • Council will create a Google form to collect parent voice. We will discuss how to use this information to plan our year (e.g. put events on the calendar and determine how many volunteers we need etc./ present these ideas at October meeting). Also, what parents felt went well the previous year and what could be improved upon and what they would like to see from our school.
  • Lauren Selby will be sending information to a guidance councillor at the high school to ask how to advertise to get high school students to volunteer at our events. This can then be used as their volunteer hours for graduation.

Council has come up with a rough idea of possible fundraisers and events for the 2023/2024 school year. Once decided on they will be posted in advance for families.

September: School Open House/ Council Information Night event, possible date of the 28th

October: Halloween Dance/ Orange & Black Day event

November: Krispy Kreme Fundraiser

December: Holiday Craft Night event


February: Chicken Fundraiser


April: Raise the Dough Fundraiser


June: Family Picnic event

Other ideas: 

  • A fundraising “thermometer” in the foyer for students and families to have a visual on our fundraising status throughout the year.
  • Movie night for families.
  • Having Funscrip and Mables Labels run all year.
  • Promoting all our events on Facebook/ 5 Things/Email/Flyers/Letterboard out front/ Agendas etc.

First Council Meeting of the 2023/2024 school year: Tuesday September 19 2023 

End 8:03pm

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