February 7, 2024 School Council Meeting Minutes

Posted March 17, 2024


2023 – 2024 School Year  Feb 7, 2024 | 6:30 – 8:00 pm 

Meeting Location: VPS Library Learning Commons 

Virtual Meeting link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87895168056 – Zoom Meeting ID: 878 9516 8056


In attendance:  Alex, Linzy, Erin, Cynthia, Patrick, LA, Rob, Jessica, Craig, Mike, Tricia

Principal: Nicole, Teacher Rep: Leslie


Agenda Topic Action Items
1 Welcome & Introductions (Chair)
2 Principal Welcome & Introduction (Nicole Hamilton)

  • Taking inventory of resources,
  • Parent council reps participated in cleaning current stored materials for council
  • Purchased new phys. Ed equipment
  • New french decodable books
  • Walk with grounds committee, met with board operations, ID’ing next steps
  • Meeting with Britney Cawell and library board rep
  • Logo survey- logo 1 has been most liked, looking at options eg hooded sweatshirt, t-shirt, sweatpants etc.- orders may be possible by March
  • Carnaval- next week + kindness week
  • Kindie pancake day 27th
  • Basketball tournament- March 1
3 Treasurer’s Report for February 2023 (Linzy)

  • Bank balance at $53,172- most in grounds reserve
  • Teacher funds available still
4 Carnaval and Soiree (Pierre)

  • Postponed but weather should be good to move ahead next week
  • Request for hot chocolate support- LA and Jessica to help
  • Needs help to spread word to bring mug and flashlight/lantern
  • Requests message that parents are required to supervise
  • Needs 4-5 volunteers for Carnaval- during the day, must have vulnerable sector check
Nicole to send email to request mugs and lanterns (with design instructions) and parent supervisionJessica to send message on facebook group
5 Lunch Equity Update (Nicole Hamilton) 

  • Working well. Covers two lunches but often extra pizza is available.
  • Breakfast items have been purchased.
  • Current funding level is sufficient.
  • Kelly has set up lunchbox orders to put child’s name on sub rather than Kelly’s.
6 Re-visiting Budget – Allocation Plan for Additional Funds (Linzy & Nicole Hamilton)

  • Options to spend some of the extra non-allocated council funds:
    • Library books, volleyball poles, new tech for primary grades (ipads/easy tech options, etc), kindergarten outdoor supplies eg little bikes, outdoor learning materials, spirit wear for new jk students
    • Council Decision: Wait to hear more about library needs before spending and until tech inventory is complete; should be spent this year. Revisit next meeting.
Nicole to meet with Britney to discuss library needs, funding support to be determined after detailed plan created
7 Fundraising & Events Calendar

  • Tru Earth (Rob)-
    • Raised $51 to date
  • Mabel’s Labels (Linzy)-
    • Raised $62 to date
  • Cookie Dough (Linzy)-
    • Up to $1398 raised to date
    • Needs volunteers on delivery date on Feb 28 at 1:30
  • McGregor’s Meat (Jason)-
    • April/May timeline is available. Prices seem high, requires substantial number of purchases to make profit.
    • Council Decision: Don’t run this year.
Cynthia, Alex,Rodrigo, Linzy to volunteer, potentially Craig
8 Spirit Wear and Logo

  • Timeline: Order before March Break, receive after
Nicole to confirm timelines and items available
9 Dessert Party Planning (Becca)

  • 1st meeting held
  • Permits booked, water wagon requested
  • Next week, letters for silent auction to be sent
  • This year give game tix for everyone to have at least 1-2 tix
  • Next meeting: Feb 14
10 Grounds Update (Rob)

  • Met last week, did walk-around with operations staff
  • Mulch is a concern, garden perimeter has safety issues, concrete retaining wall being done this year by the board
  • Update from operations- various problems identified, some items requiring maintenance would be done by Board, drainage/playground items/landscape plan to be paid by Council
  • Maintenance to be considered- Board will not provide maintenance for trimming trees etc.
Linzy to confirm if Evergreen still works on school playgrounds and what cost might be.
11 January Newsletter (Jessica N.)

  • Spirit wear- announce logo winner, timing of orders
  • Dessert party volunteers needed, requests for silent auction items
  • Last call for cookie dough orders
12 Other Items

  • Consider looking into orange shirts from Indigenous suppliers for next September
  • Snow piles create icy areas in kindie ground and sidewalk, gate not opening.  Can’t be moved to another location. Nicole to take picture when pile becomes  a problem to send to Operations who will direct ploughers to address the issue.
13 Adjournment – Next Victory PS Council Meeting is on Wednesday March 6th at 6:30 pm

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