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The Library is open with your students having regular library periods and the books will start to be brought home!


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Welcome Back!

We are happy to announce that our school library has begun having classes attend regular library sessions! It is an understatement to say that our students are very excited to be back in our space. They have begun exploring a number of new (and new to
them) titles, genres, and series.

We have been expanding our Inclusive and Equitable content range lately and hope to continue to bring more diverse material to our readers that better reflect our school and community at large.

Here are some photographs of our library in the current stage – we will be opening sections of the library in stages as there is still construction in the school during non-student hours and we are sharing the library space with others until it is completed.

Next month library books can be brought home (stay tuned for more information on that in November).

Here are some of our select books (some are in French, some are in English) currently on display for both students and staff to read and check-out.

As our library is allowed to be open this year, it is our hope that we can offer a range of reading material in both French and English that meet our reader’s needs, while offering a magical, exciting, safe, and brave space to read, discuss, and explore together.