School Council Meeting Minutes – February 22nd, 2021

Posted February 26, 2021

Westminster Woods P.S. School Council

Meeting Minutes

Monday, February 22nd, 2021


Cherise Johnson, Allison Stoffman, Keith Coutu, Kylee Booth, Melanie Taylor, Angela Popofski, Natalie Thomas, Julie May, Jacqueline Hulm, Lucy Oates, Lisa Matchett


Cherise called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

Review and Acceptance of Past Minutes:

  • Angela Popofski motioned to accept the minutes and Natalie seconded the motion.

Principal’s Report:

  • Staff updates: Mr. Hemsley who was at Westminster Woods one half day per week retired as of February 19. We are working on filling this position as it had to be reposted by HR. Congratulations to Mr. Hemsley!
  • Transition to online after the holidays and back into the school on February 8th went smoothly.
  • Came back with updated COVID protocols. Masking outside is going well, as the students tend to want to play closer together. They are able to move away from their peers, while remaining in their designated zone to take a mask break, as needed. More changes are inevitable as we get updated guidance from Public Health. Students have been very flexible and adaptable! They are really amazing.
  • A plan for asymptomatic testing is being prepared by the board. Each school board needs to plan to test 5% of their population per week. This will be voluntary and not during school hours.
  • Parents have been great about keeping their kids home when they’re showing symptoms and coming to pick them up when needed. We will continue to remind parents of the need to screen their children on a daily basis.

Information Items:

  • First Term Report cards went home on Friday.
  • Pink Shirt Day February 24th
  • Black Heritage, Black Brilliance, Black Futures month is being celebrated in the UGDSB
  • Umbrella Project – Being promoted by the UGDSB this year in support of mental health and well-being. The Umbrella Project recognizes that everyone has an umbrella over them (some people have a large umbrella, others have a small one) and this umbrella keeps people safe when it rains (or in other words, when life gets difficult). Each month, a different trait will be focused on to help build/strengthen the umbrellas of our staff and students. The trait for February is “Healthy Lifestyles”
  • Kindergarten registration was virtual this year. We have about 40 Jk’s registered for next year.
  • Spirit Wear-connected this week and waiting to set up a plan for moving forward. Takes approximately 7-10 business for product turn around.


  • When should we do spirit wear?
    • Everyone agreed now!
  • Julie May asked about the new covid protocols, and clarification for the runny nose as a symptom
  • Ange asked about how it works for siblings if one sibling is exhibiting any symptoms do all siblings need to stay and isolate?
    • According to public health, all members need to stay home, if the member of the family with symptoms tests negative for covid then all members can return to school.
  • Keith Coutu, referred to the public health website for answers, Allison suggested looking at the website under questions for parents and schools for more information.
  • Cherise asked if anyone had questions or comments about March break, Allison said she has no more information than what we know regarding march break plans.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • $4973.82 moved into Playground Maintenance from milk and booster juice
  • balance of $2233.82 moved into Playground Maintenance
  • balance of $2740 moved into Playground Maintenance
  • Melanie asked if we can use some funds to do something for the grade 8’s because they won’t be getting their year end trip/usual graduation events
  • Allison said last year they bought t-shirts and yard signs, and did a little congratulatory cheering with teachers at the end of the year.
  • Ang asked about if we could do grade 8 graduation hoodie orders as well
  • Cherise asked if remote school students can be included as well, Allison said definitely.
  • Allison will email more info on all of this, and we can do email voting
  • depending on where we are at as far as covid zones and protocols we will continue to monitor and figure out if more can be done for graduation
  • Allison said they will look into Grade 8 graduation awards, as some may no longer apply this year, under the circumstances
  • Ange motioned to accept all that was discussed for the treasury plans, Natalie seconded the motion.

Community Building

  • On hold for now.

Booster Juice/Milk/Pizza Program:

  • At this time food/drink programs are not running.

New Business:

  • PIC meeting today- virtual

Next Meetings:

  • May 17th, 2021
  • More meetings can be added if needed.


  • Cherise adjourned the meeting at 6:56 pm

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