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Westminster Woods School Council

Does volunteering make a difference to your children? You bet it does!

“Two clear outcomes flow from a strong volunteer program. Students benefit directly from the additional resources in the school. Volunteers become more knowledgeable about how best to provide support for students which, in turn, further benefits their own children and other students within the school.” Excerpt from “New Research Supports a Strong Focus on Volunteerism” By Gord Kerr

Take the opportunity and drop by a meeting to find out where your unique experiences and skill sets could make a difference to your child’s school. Check out the Westminster Woods P.S. School Council By-Laws to review the laws and regulations of our Council and to see if there would be a position that you would be interested in volunteering for!


On this page you will find the minutes from our monthly meetings, email contacts as well as information regarding our upcoming projects and events.

Parent Council meets on Tuesday evenings (see the schedule below) from 6:30 until 7:30 pm in person/on Google Meet. Everyone is welcome. We would love to meet you!

School Council Elections will be held at our first meeting of the school year – Tuesday, September 26th – beginning at 6:30 pm in the staff room.

2023-2024 School Council Representatives

Co-Chairs: Natalie Thomas and Naveed Zahid

Treasurer: Angela Popofski

Secretary:  Kylee Booth

Fundraising Committee Chair: n/a

Playground/Greening Chair: Meelashini Avaduer

Community Building: 

Teacher Representative: Melissa McEachern

We encourage parents to come out to a Parent Council Meeting to learn more about what goes on “behind the scenes.” If you would like more information about participating in Council Meetings as a voting member or serving on a committee, please contact TBD

UPCOMING MEETINGS for 2023-2024:

September 26, 2023          November 28, 2023          February 6, 2024           May 7, 2024                      

UPCOMING EVENTS for 2023-2024:

Wake Up In The Woods (Parent Coffee Hour): November 6, 2023.

Family Skating Night: TBD

Family Movie Night: April 18, 2023.

Family Zumba Night: May 1, 2024.

Family Fun Night: June 6, 2024.


School Council By-Laws

School Council By Laws 2023 24