School Council Meeting Minutes (Nov. 30th, 2020)

Posted December 7, 2020

Westminster Woods P.S. School Council

Meeting Minutes

Monday November, 30th, 2020

Present: Cherise Johnson, Allison Stoffman, Keith Coutu, Kylee Booth, Melanie Taylor, Angela Popofski, Natalie Thomas, Julie May, Dashrath Prajapati, Jacqueline Hulm

Welcome: Cherise called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm.

Review and Acceptance of Past Minutes:

  • Melanie Taylor motioned to accept the minutes and Jacqueline seconded the motion.

Principal’s Report:

  • Today was the first day for students who returned to Bricks and Mortar from Remote and vice versa. We had approximately the same number of students come in as go out, so this did not lead to a reorganization throughout the school. We need to be mindful that if there is another entry/exit point in the year, that we could be reorganized, based on the board staffing process.
  • As you are aware, we did have a positive covid case at the school. PH followed their protocols and guided us through the process.
  • Successful three months with COVID protocols. We’ve tightened up and changed some processes and started adding in additional elements like indoor shoes, use of coat hooks. More changes are inevitable as we get updated guidance from Public Health. Students have been very flexible and adaptable over the last three months!
  • Parents have been great about keeping their kids home when they’re showing symptoms and coming to pick them up when needed. We will continue to remind parents of the need to screen their children on a daily basis.

Information Items:

  • Our first online school video for Remembrance Day was prepared by Mr. Scott’s class, they also did a Poppy walk and each class made a wreath.Bully prevention week was November 16th-20th.Our safe and inclusive schools committee provided a variety of activities that focused on compassion, defining bullying and identifying the role we can play in helping prevent bullying. Teachers also did many activities in their classes.
  • Progress reports went home on November 20th. Google Meet and phone interviews were held on November 27th.
  • Umbrella Project – Being promoted by the UGDSB this year in support of mental health and well-being. The Umbrella Project recognizes that everyone has an umbrella over them (some people have a large umbrella, others have a small one) and this umbrella keeps people safe when it rains (or in other words,
    when life gets difficult). Each month, a different trait will be focused on to help build/strengthen the umbrellas of our staff and students. The trait for November is gratitude’
  • Treaties Recognition Week – was recognized the week of November 2nd to 6th; information about treaties was incorporated by teachers within their classrooms.
  • School council fundraising can begin.
    • Here is the info we received from the Board:
      • The information below needs to be considered before fundraising and selling Items:
        • Have a clear purpose for the fundraising. Is it necessary at this time?
        • Be mindful of the fact that many families in your community are still being impacted financially due to the pandemic. Advertising campaigns for fundraising should be limited and very sensitive to all members of your school community and their needs.
        • Parents / volunteers are not considered essential visitors and would not be allowed in the building to manage / organize fundraising.
        • Use SchoolCash Online whenever possible for collection of funds. Money counting should not be considered. Consider the workload for your OC.
        • Other web-based payment systems (ex. where families pay directly to companies through their websites) present a risk for the board and families. We do not know how their information (personal and credit card) will be used, and we don’t know the level of security associated with their website.
        • Strongly consider using the Upper Grand Learning Foundation as a simple and COVID-friendly option to raise funds directly for your school. You can use the online web-based payment feature of UGLF. 100% of the donation comes to the school, and parents get a tax receipt for donations over $20.
  • Spirit Wear
  • 10 Days of Giving begins on November 30. More information is available on our website.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • November:
    • Playground Maintenance $9055.49
    • Milk $2233.82
    • Community Building $5806.95
    • Special projects $1657.12
    • Future School Improvements $11,458.27
    • Booster Juice $2740
    • Discussing moving funds – zero out Milk and Booster Juice and move funds into Playground Maintenance.
      • Julie motioned, Melanie seconded the motion.
    • Julie asked about if staff have been asking for any money for supplies.
      • Allison: bins have been purchased from Dollarstore to keep the student’s stuff in.
    • Julie asked about if staff members need voice amplifiers
      • Allison: Staff get $150 from the school budget- some staff have purchased voice amplifiers with that money.
    • Cherise asked if any families are struggling that are in need.
      • Allison: no families have reached out.

Community Building

  • On hold for now.
    • Booster Juice/Milk/Pizza Program:
    • At this time food/drink programs are not running.

New Business:

  • 10 days of giving began this week
  • We are able to fundraise now, but we will not be fundraising- too much to ask of people right now, during a pandemic.
  • Decided fundraising on hold for now.
    • Melanie: Maybe we can let people know they can still give to the school if they
      want to. Donations etc.
  • Spirit wear- aiming to do this at the end of term one- end of January/February
    • Allison and Keith will take care of spirit wear -they will be in touch.
  • Cherise asked if we have to go into lockdown what does that look like?
    • Allison: aiming to keep schools open, no extended christmas break. teachers have been asked to prepare to pivot if they need to. The class that had to isolate had a great turn around with switching to online. We are definitely more prepared for whatever happens
  •  PIC meeting – tonight, virtually.


  • Ange asked about the garden for the spring. Should we talk about plans so we are on top of it?
    • Allison and her husband did some weeding in the fall and planted some mums. We will need to get some mulch in the spring.
  • Dashrath asked about grade 7 immunizations deadlines
    • Allison suggested calling public health to check.
  • Dashrath asked about how things are going at the school, any challenges that parents can help out with?
    • Allison: kids are doing great! They are amazing and resilient! After school pick is a bit crowded, but people are doing well when reminded.
  • Dashrath: The new crosswalk is great. But lots of speeding is still happening on Goodwin.
    • Allison: The police do the ticketing for speeding. They usually patrol once a month.
  • Natalie asked about the crosswalk and the safety patrols
    • The crosswalk was repainted and new signs put up. Safety patrols have been taught to only allow crossing when there are no cars.
  • Melanie: is there any need for extra mittens at the school?
    • Allison: yes, due to covid any extra winter gear that is needed has to be given to keep, and not returned. If you want to give items, they can be given to Allison in the morning outside.

Next Meetings:

  • February 22nd, 2021
  • May 17th, 2021
  • More meetings can be added if needed.


  • Cherise adjourned the meeting at 7:16 pm

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