School Council Meeting Minutes – May 17th, 2021

Posted May 20, 2021

Westminster Woods P.S. School Council Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date:

Monday May 17th, 2021


Cherise Johnson, Allison Stoffman, Keith Coutu, Kylee Booth, Melanie Taylor, Natalie Thomas, Lucy Oates, Lisa Matchett, Melissa McEachern


Cherise called the meeting to order at 6:31 pm.

Review and Acceptance of Past Minutes:

Natalie Thomas motioned to accept the minutes and Melanie Taylor seconded the motion.

Principal’s Report:

● Thank you to Cherise for her contribution to council as chair for the past 4 years. You will be missed.

● Staffing: Looking at next year. Survey for students who intend to stay remote next year. This will be helpful information as we look ahead. If all students return, we will be back up to 27 classes.

● Transition to online at Easter went very smoothly. The teachers and students are continuing to work hard in all subject areas. We handed out close to 100 chromebooks to support online learning. If we return to in-person learning, we will review safety protocols, daily screening, distancing, hand hygiene, etc.

● Report cards will be electronically accessed for term 2. More information will be shared with how parents will be able to access the report card portal.

● Grade 8 grad- June 24th (time TBD). We are looking at what we will be allowed to do to recognize this event. We have purchased T-shirts and lawn signs for the students and are going to be putting together a graduation video. Likely, we will have an outdoor walk through where students can pick up their diploma, grad bag and take a photo.

● Class placements for next year- will be tentative as usual due to the staffing process in the Fall. We have asked students (grades 1-7) to complete a friend request survey to help us with building classes. This needs to be very flexible, as we do not yet know what next year will look like

● Pride flag will be flown in June

● Health Curriculum (Growth and Development strand): letters went home to explain the curriculum expectations and that two years of expectations will be covered

● $500 parent involvement money-need to spend asap. Ideas? Suggestions?

● Grade 8 grad t-shirts and signs-council had said they would like to contribute to support this group of students. Suggestions?


● Cherise asked about Grad photos, only some students were able to get them before lockdown- Allison: depending on restrictions, book an appt at the studio in Kitchener, or possibly a drop in option in Guelph or even in the fall- working on it! Photographer is flexible. The composite will be made and will be put on the wall.

● Cherise asked about Teachers leaving. Allison listed a few changes, but nothing is completely for sure, and might have lots of changes before the beginning of next school year.

● Cherise asked Melissa how things are for teacher’s and if Teacher’s need anything – Melissa said Teachers are doing ok, and trucking along.

● Lots of goodbyes and thank you’s to Cherise, as this is her last meeting as Parent Council chair. We are all going to miss her.

Treasurer’s Report:

● Has not changed.

● $1000 toward Grade 8 grad t-shirts -Natalie motioned to put $1000 toward the purchase of grade 8 graduation t-shirts, Mel seconded, everyone in favour. To come out of Community Building.

● Parent involvement committee $500 for magnets with the school info on it and important numbers and letters to be mailed out Natalie motioned to accept, Lucy seconded, everyone in favour. Cherise will help with this, and write the letter to be mailed out.

Community Building

● On hold for now.

Booster Juice/Milk/Pizza Program:

● At this time food/drink programs are not running.

Playground and Greening:

● Cherise suggested we clean up the gardens, should we hire someone? Or do it ourselves?

● Allison said she will take a look, and possibly clean up with her husband.

● Mulch was supposed to be delivered by school but canceled because of covid maybe it can be done in the fall

● Field was aerated and looks good

Next Meeting:

Monday September 20th, 2021 6:30-7:30 Location to be determined based on current restriction levels at that time.


Cherise adjourned the meeting at 7:22 pm


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