School Council

Aberfoyle School Council 2017/18 School Council Goals:

  • Enhance communication to parents, families and the community at large
  • Encourage and promote participation and involvement by all stakeholder groups within our school  community
  • To build funding partnerships within our community that will continue to provide additional resources for our school community that aren’t currently provided by the Board
  • To assist the school administration and staff to provide an environment for excellence in education
  • To assist in the determination of broad school priorities

Our role is:

  • To act in an advisory capacity to make recommendations to the school Principal and, as appropriate, the Board
  • To improve student achievement and enhance accountability of the educational system to parents.
  • To place the overall interests of the school and students first.

Become a part of School Council

Aberfoyle Public School Council is a group comprising the Principal, up to two teaching staff, one community representative, 8-15 Voting Parent Members and any number of General Parent Members.
Get involved in School Council; whether you contribute time, resources or contacts, every parent member of our school community is welcome to join.  If you can’t attend all of our meetings, then join as a general parent member and offer your opinions and ideas.

If you have any ideas, questions or concerns, we welcome your feedback. Please contact us at Minu Basi (Chair School Council)

Aberfoyle School Council elections are held in September of this year.

School Council Meetings:

Council meetings are the second Tuesday of every month in the school library at 6:30 (No meeting in December or March).

School Council Agenda

  •   Welcome All Parents
  •   Chair Report – 20 Min.
  •   Treasurers Report – 10 Min.
  •   School Report – 15 Min.
  •   Principal (Report)
  •   Teacher (Report)
  •   Sub Committee Reports – 15 Min.
  •   Educational Initiatives – Report
  •   Events & Programs – Report
  •   General Fundraising – Report
  •   Open Discussion – Visitors & Member Requests – 10 Min.
  •   Sub Committee Meetings – 30 to 45 Min.


Aberfoyle Public School Council is made up of 4 specific working committees

  •  Executive Committee
  •  Events/School Programs Committee
  •  Educational Initiatives Committee
  •  General Fundraising Committee

Aberfoyle School Council Chair

Kelly Hodgson :

School Mailbox – Leave with Janet Warden (Secretary)

Important Information

  1. School Council Nomination Form (PDF)
  2. School Council Email Newsletter Approval Form (PDF)
  3. Aberfoyle School Council Bylaws (PDF)

Additional Resources