School Council

Aberfoyle School Council 2023/24 School Council Goals:

  • Enhance communication to parents, families and the community at large
  • Encourage and promote participation and involvement by all stakeholder groups within our school  community
  • To build funding partnerships within our community that will continue to provide additional resources for our school community that aren’t currently provided by the Board
  • To assist the school administration and staff to provide an environment for excellence in education
  • To assist in the determination of broad school priorities

Our role is:

  • To act in an advisory capacity to make recommendations to the school Principal and, as appropriate, the Board
  • To improve student achievement and enhance accountability of the educational system to parents.
  • To place the overall interests of the school and students first.

Become a part of School Council

Aberfoyle Public School Council is a group comprising the Principal, up to two teaching staff, one community representative, 8-15 Voting Parent Members and any number of General Parent Members.
Get involved in School Council; whether you contribute time, resources or contacts, every parent member of our school community is welcome to join.  If you can’t attend all of our meetings, then join as a general parent member and offer your opinions and ideas.

Aberfoyle School Council elections are held in September of this year.

School Council Meetings:

Council meetings are the second Tuesday of every month in the school library at 6:30 (No meeting in December or March).

Typical School Council Agenda

  •   Welcome All Parents
  •   Principal/School Report – 10 Min.
  •   Chair Report – 10 Min.
  •   Treasurer’s Report – 10 Min.
  •   Sub Committee Reports – 15 Min.
  •   Member items– 15 Min.


Aberfoyle Public School Council is made up of 4 specific working committees

  •  Executive Committee
  •  Events/School Programs Committee
  •  Greening and Yard Initiatives Committee
  •  General Fundraising Committee

Aberfoyle School Council Co-Chairs

Lindsay Dickerson:

School Mailbox – Leave with Janet Warden (Secretary)