Updates For April 10-14, 2023

Posted April 14, 2023

Hello Alma Families!  It’s been a great week but there’s a lot on the go!  Here are 4 things for you that are key to know for this week and next:


  1. We were informed today that Alma Town Convenience has kindly offered to provide a free single scoop ice cream for all kids from Alma Public School TODAY from 3-7 PM.  We hope this tasty treat will help to beat this wonderful heat!  Thanks Drhu for this wonderful gift.


  1. With the nice weather this week, we were able to spruce things up with the playground and open it today.  Depending on the projected cold weather next week, we will determine if it can stay open.  As well, the UGDSB came this morning and worked up the sandbox.  It was lovely to see students enjoying the sunshine with their friends in this amazing space.  Given the pending weather fluctuation, please ensure your child comes prepared with the appropriate clothing for the day’s varied forecast.


  1. The Mapleton Historical Society has shared some information about an upcoming event.  If you are interested, please see the attached notice in your email.


  1. Please see the following update from the UGDSB to help maintain positive attendance habits.  Below are some tips you can try that involve the routines and the environment at home:
  • Practice consistent bedtime and morning routines with your child. 
  • Parents can model the same routine at home, as it helps students stick to the routine of coming to school each day.
  • Having a set schedule for sleep and nutrition is key to a good morning and feeling good about coming to school.
  • Preparing for school at night so that the morning is less hectic can be helpful.  Organizing clothing, packing backpacks and including favourite foods can be reassuring.
  • Putting out clothes and making lunch the night before can help get your child out the door in the morning.
  • If your child does refuse to attend school, try having no screens/devices during the time when they are at home. Make staying home as boring as possible! Shutting down the home Internet can be helpful if this is a draw for your child to stay at home.
  • Creating an environment conducive for improved sleep hygiene (e.g. dark room, quiet, sound machine, light in morning, consistent bed and wake times).
  • Ensuring at least 30 minutes of screen-free time before bed and removing all electronics from bedrooms before bed can be helpful. 
  • Limiting screen time before bed is key to winding-down and getting a great night’s sleep!

For more information, please visit the UGDSB website: https://www.ugdsb.ca/parents/student-attendance-at-school-tips-and-strategies-for-families/


Thanks as always for your continued support.  If there’s anything the school can do to help, please let us know.  We’re here to help!


Take care,


Jason Boyce

Principal Alma PS

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