Our School

centre_peel_frontCentre Peel Public School is a small rural school located in Mapleton Township, belonging to the Upper Grand District School Board.

We serve a community of approximately 160 JK – 8 students of predominantly  but not exclusively Mennonite families.

The school is committed to providing for every student a quality education which cultivates honesty, respect, and responsibility. Our primary focus is on reading, creative writing and mathematics, but not to the exclusion of the other subjects. Our school offers religious accommodation for our students and the Lord’s Prayer is said within the classroom each morning and led by students.  Curriculum accommodations are made around our families faith.


Office hours:  8:15 am- 4:00 pm

Our Balanced day schedule is as follows:

8:55-9:45 am—Period 1

9:45-10:35 am—Period 2

10:35-10:55 am—Nutrition Break #1 (Eat in Classroom)

10:55-11:15 am—Recess Break #1

11:15-12:05 pm—Period 3

12:05-12:55 pm—Period 4

12:55- 1:15 pm—Nutrition Break #2 (Eat in Classroom)

1:15-1:35—Recess Break #2

1:35- 2:25 pm—Period 5

2:25-3:15 pm—Period 6

3:15—Dismissal/ Buses