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Message From Principal

Dear CHSS community,


I was informed this week  that VP H. Ginzel will be leaving CHSS to take on the responsibilities as VP with the UGDSB remote school program Nov. 1.  This is an amazing opportunity for her!  I want to thank Ms. Ginzel for her work over the last two years at CHSS.  Her professional leadership and  background related to Equity in the UGDSB has offered a great deal to our work here at CHSS.  She has been a great source of information and insight as we build a plan for the future.  I wish to thank her for her work in our building, and wish her well as she moves forward.

VP M. McDowall will be staying with us at CHSS permanently.  I have had the pleasure of working with her at GCVI years ago, and as a curriculum lead in our school board.   I know she has enjoyed working with us over the last month, and I am sure she will be a great advocate for our school.  Welcome to a wonderful school VP McDowall!


Paul Richard

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