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College Heights SS students successfully complete chainsaw training

GUELPH, Ontario – Let ‘er rip! Congratulations are in order for Ms. Peterson’s SHSM Horticulture and Landscaping and Ms. Beatson’s SHSM Construction students at CHSS who successfully completed Chainsaw Training recently.

Shawn Doucette, College Heights Secondary School’s SHSM Lead provided the students with an interactive workshop rich in relevant industry standards, “the importance of having a trained individual deliver this information face to face cannot be underestimated,” said Doucette.

Doucette recalled that the students were engaged and actively participated in class and practical applications of the workshop.

“It was a fun and instructive way to learn about chainsaws and how to use them properly.  We learned about the importance of equipment maintenance and use of PPE.  We also got experience using chainsaws in the practical portion of the training,” said one of the grade twelve students.

The students and staff of these two classes want to give a special thanks to J. Hennessey of Battlefield Equipment for facilitating an excellent certification day at CHSS 8and to Royal City Tree Care Inc. for their support. They also want to thank College Heights SHSM Lead Shawn Doucette for coordinating this unique and valuable opportunity for our Huskies to further their skills

Shelley Peterson, the SHSM Horticulture and Landscaping Teacher, was impressed with the fantastic job her students did in training.

“The respect and support that they showed one another while building confidence with chainsaw handling was absolutely excellent,” Peterson said.

Way to go everyone, and well done!

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