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Reimagining College Heights

Last evening at the Board’s Policy and Priorities Committee, the follow-up report on Reimagining Alternative Education in UGDSB was presented and discussed. As you may remember, an initial report was approved by the Board of Trustees in April that included direction to gather input from students, staff, parents/guardians, and the community here at CHSS as well as other secondary schools across UGDSB.

The Committee voted in favour of the actions laid out in the report, which includes establishing an Alternative Education High School at CHSS along with three Alternative Education Learning Centres located in the City of Guelph, Dufferin County and Wellington Country. A wide range of programs and services will be offered at each site and will be focussed on students in grades 11, 12 and 12+. This will result in expanded opportunities across UGDSB, including here at CHSS.

The transition will be phased-in over a few years. Starting September 2024 students entering grade 9 will attend their local secondary school. There will be no change to special education classes at CHSS such as LRC10 at this time.  Programming will continue for all current CHSS students.

The recommended actions will be presented to Trustees for approval at the December 12, 2023 Board Meeting.

A recording of the Policy and Priorities Committee meeting will be available on the UGDSB website along with a full copy of the report.

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