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College Heights Cooperative Education

The staff in our department strive to make Cooperative Education engaging and relevant. We make connections between your academic courses and the world of work. A variety of instructional methods are used to assist students in achieving their individual learning and career goals.

Cooperative Education Programs provide all students with a series of unique opportunities to learn about the world of work, explore potential careers, and gain valuable work experience. These planned learning experiences assist all students, whether bound for college, apprenticeship, university or the workplace, in making informed career decisions, and in developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are essential in today’s society.

 What is Co-operative Education? 

Co-operative Education is a program that allows senior students to extend classroom learning into supervised placements in the community. Students can earn a minimum of 2 credits which are linked to specific in-school subjects.

How Will Co-op Benefit You? 

Co-op will enable you to:

How Does Co-op Work?

How do you apply?

The course selection procedure requires that the student do the following:

 How are Students Selected for Co-op?