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Communications & Computer Technology

Check out the experiences that we have had this year before you go any further:

If you are into computers, the Internet, communicating your ideas and even robotics, then we have the course for you!

Communications Technology is the Grade 9 and 10 course, where students learn to use application software that may be used later in the workforce such as Google Drive, Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, GameMaker, C++ and more!  We apply this software to photographic, animation and computer game making assignments.

Computer Technology is a new course that is being offered to Grade 11 and 12 students.  This is opening up a new area of study in hardware and programming.  The course includes studying basic computer components, understanding operating systems, assembly and fine tuning the operating system.  This is followed by the use of VEX Robotics and programming in C++ as we explore the hardware and programming of real robotic technology.  3D technology is then combined with 3D game making software to create an amazing experience for each student.

This is your chance to take part in a course that offers you the tools and opportunity to communicate your ideas and take part in the growing world of communications  and computer technology that is evolving worldwide.

See the Communications Technology brochure for more information. (Soon to be updated to include Computer Technology.)