Student Health


Parents are asked to make alternate arrangements for students who are too ill to participate in a full day at school. Should your child become ill at school, the office will contact you or your emergency contact. Please ensure that your child has a place to go if he/she becomes ill.


Please advise your child’s teacher and the school office if your child has a special health concern e.g. allergies, asthma, diabetes or ANY condition requiring medication. East Garafraxa is a peanut free school. Students are asked not to bring peanut butter and other food items that contain peanuts to school.


ALL student medication MUST be kept at the office (e.g. pills, inhalers etc.). For the administration of prescription medication by school personnel, parents must provide the school with a signed Consent for Administration of Oral Medication form. For the administration of non-prescription medication, a written note of permission is also required from a parent.


When an injury appears to be serious, the Principal or designate may take the child to a hospital, or call an ambulance. In all cases, we will do our best to contact you or the emergency contact person you have indicated so someone can meet the student at the hospital. Please ensure that your emergency and work numbers are current.


Head Lice is considered a health “nuisance” and poses no threat to your child’s health. However, children who have contacted head lice cannot remain at school. A 50% vinegar and 50% mineral oil solution is a proven non-chemical means of ridding your child of head lice. Nits need to be removed manually. Children returning to school after being treated for pediculosis are asked to check in with the office before returning to class.