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Posted March 6, 2018

March is Nutrition Month! Starting from a young age, inspiring children to shop, cook and prepare food can set them up for a lifetime of healthy eating. A great way to teach kids about food is to let them shop and cook with you. Kids are also much more likely to eat what they make, so cooking at home is a great tip if you have picky eaters.

Here are four tips to get your kids involved in cooking:

  1. Pick a recipe together: Children need to be part of the plan from the beginning, and it helps if they prepare something that they love to eat. Shop for groceries together too!
  2. Keep it fun! Imaginative play helps kids get deeply involved. Make a theme night or turn your kitchen into a restaurant or reality cooking show.
  3. Be a role model: If you’re excited, they will be too. Try a new food, describe the flavour and be adventurous to inspire your eaters to do the same. Get other members of the family involved.
  4. Be cool about the mess: Spills and accidental messes happen, and it’s important to remain calm about little mishaps. Keep kitchen towels handy for cleaning up spills.

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