Mission Statement & Our School

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Elora Public School

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe, inclusive and engaging learning environment where the positive contributions of all members are valued. We will engage in meaningful activities that address the Big Ideas of the Ontario Curriculum. Through these experiences, we will think deeply and creatively, reflect on our learning, and show resilience when challenged through a growth mindset. We will be stewards of the environment and actively participate in maintaining our physical and mental health. We will understand the 21st Century Competencies and work to align what we do at Elora Public School with a rapidly changing world.

About Our School

Elora Public School is a large JK to Grade 8 school located on Mill Street East, on the outskirts of Elora. Our school became a Kindergarten to Grade 8 school in September, 1997 when the former Elora Junior School, Kindergarten to Grade 6, and the former Elora Senior School, Grades 7 and 8, joined as one school on the former Senior School site. There were many challenges in joining two schools with wonderful traditions and histories, but, with the hard work of students, school staff, parents and Board of Education staff, we have together created a wonderful elementary school. Beginning in October, 1997, our school underwent a $3,500,000 renovation and addition project. The addition of eight Primary and Junior classrooms allowed for the accommodation of our Kindergarten to grade 6 students. The existing Senior School was extensively renovated. Our Junior Kindergarten to grade 6 students come from the village of Elora. Our grade 7 and 8 students come from the Alma, Elora, Ponsonby and Salem school areas. The majority of our students travel on a bus to and from our school each day.  We have a bright, clean, beautiful school environment for teachers to teach in and children to learn in. In particular, we have a large double gymnasium, an instrumental music room, science and technology labs,  a large very welcoming library and well equipped, bright classrooms.

We also have a large playground which includes a Gaga ball pit, volleyball courts, basketball hoops, game lines, benches, an outdoor garden and large areas of grass.

Our school staff members work very hard to provide and maintain a safe, positive learning environment for all members of our school community.