Update regarding remote learning resuming April 19

Posted April 15, 2021

April 15, 2021

Earlier this week, the Ontario government announced that all schools in the province, including those in the Upper Grand District School Board, will participate in remote learning following the April Break. This decision was made in response to the COVID-19 situation in the province. 

As such, UGDSB schools will remain in remote learning when classes resume on Monday April 19. The province has not yet provided a date for a return to in-person learning. 

Public Health Order

Prior to the April Break, UGDSB schools were participating in remote learning as directed by a Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health Order. That Order expires on Sunday April 18, therefore once the Order expires, UGDSB will follow the direction of the province. 

Students in Specialized DD Class Placements

As part of the provincial announcement, the government stated that school boards are expected to provide in-person support for students with special education needs who have complex medical and learning needs and cannot be accommodated through remote learning.

On Monday April 19, school principals will contact parents/guardians of students in specialized DD class placements to determine which students can continue to be accommodated in remote learning, and which students need to be accommodated in person. As it will take time for schools to prepare to welcome these students and arrange staffing and transportation, in-person classes for students in specialized DD class placements will begin in-person instruction on Thursday April 22. These students will participate in remote learning from Monday April 19 to Wednesday April 21. 

Child Care & Before and/or After School Programs

All child care programs serving infant, toddler and preschool-age children located inside UGDSB schools may remain open. Parents/guardians should confirm with their child care program provider if they will be open. While UGDSB schools are closed, all Before and/or After School Programs will also be closed.

Secondary Schools: Quadmester 4 Schedule

A reminder that Quadmester 4 begins in secondary schools on Wednesday April 21. Monday April 19 and Tuesday April 20 are turnaround days, where students do not have classes (with the exception of students in the specialized DD class placements, who will be supported remotely on the turnaround days). 

To view the Secondary School Quadmester 4 Calendar, visit the board website: https://www.ugdsb.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Quad-3-and-4-Calendar-Student_Parent-Calendar-April-Break.pdf 

We understand that the continuation of remote learning may create additional challenges for our families, students and staff. We will continue to do our best to support our school communities through these difficult times. 

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. 

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