School Council Minutes – February 7, 2023

Posted February 9, 2023

MINUTES – Elora Public School Council – Feb 7, 2023

Virtual Attendees: Colette Bayani-Thody & Sheila Bauman

In-Person Attendees: Natasha Skeritt, Emma Reay, Tanya McLaren Morton, Rachel Albano, Alison Negrave, Kim Blair, Shannan Noorlander, Angela Massey, Ferris Howe, Alison Williams, Lauren Harris Selby, Kathy Mayo & John Scott

Welcome and Introductions


Approval of Minutes from Nov 8, 2022

Guest Speakers (John Scott & Kathy Mayo)

-Green Lanes is a way to think of how community design can lead to happy & health individuals. -It is soon to be not-for-profit

–Walking, biking, etc has been on a steady decline. Looking for ideas & engagement to encourage kids and the community to increase active transportation such as walking and biking

-Next steps would include continuing the conversation with a broader audience to get ideas going, determine programs that might be a fit and then develop an action group to proceed.

-It was suggested to approach community groups such as the optimist group

P/VP Report (Natasha)

  •  Natasha’s Background

-EPS is her 4th school as an administrator and her 3rd school as principal

-Her previous school was Salem Public School and prior to that was Sir Isaac Brock Public School (South Guelph) & Island Lake Public School (Orangeville)

-Natasha considers Centre Wellington her home as she lives in the surrounding community and was a student at Salem, EPS & Centre Wellington High School

-Natasha is happy to see so many familiar faces and is enjoying meeting new kids as well

  • School Updates

-Grade 8’s have been choosing courses for high school next year and they have had visitors from Centre Wellington

-There has been Science & Technology training with the staff

-Tomorrow the school will line part of Mill Street as Mike Duhacek visits the school as part of his Cops for Cancer fundraiser route. Mike is a parent at the school and will stop to answer questions.

-Later in February, Stacey Kay will be visiting the older grades to perform & discuss body image. Stacey is a motivational speaker, singer and golden buzzer winner on Canada’s Got Talent

Teacher Reports (Tanya)

Volleyball & Wrestling

-The junior volleyball tournament just finished. Currently intermediate volleyball & wrestling is taking place.

Junior/Intermediate Choir

– Junior/intermediate choir recently sang at the Guelph Storm game

Green Gryphons

-The 2022 Green Gryphon holiday sale was run by the Grade 5 & 6 classes and raised $2500. It was a great event and the kids loved it.

-$1500 was raised by the Green Gryphon’s pre-pandemic so there is currently $4000 available for a local project. Ms. Youngblood and Ms. Billing are currently researching ideas and will present a few ideas to the students for a vote on the final decision.

Allies for All

-Currently this is for intermediate grades but looking to involve junior grades as well to promote more leaders.

-The group is looking to broaden their “Allies” to various groups for inclusivity for all.

Coding Club

-Coding Club has started for Grades 3, 4, 5 & 6


-Snowshoes are now available and will hopefully be used soon.

Treasurer Report (Shannan & Natasha)

-The proceeds from the Green Gryphons Sale are not part of the Parent Council budget

-The 2022 Holiday Basket Raffle raised $3880

-The current budget is outlined below:

Elora Public School Council 2022/2023 Treasurer’s Report | February 2023
SC Fundraising $2880.00 $2880.00 $ 0
SC Fundraising Community Building $5900.50 $5899.50 $0 -BBQ cost for staff paid by council
SC General $10.00

(hat sold)

$ (26.32) -end of June costs for staff gifts and lunch
SC Landscaping $ 169.50 $2119.42 $1949.92 -tree maintenance in courtyard
SC Playground $2190.00 $615.00 $2182.06 There is also $4,190 in UGLF that is allocated for the playground. Total funds for playgrounds are $5,757.06.
SC Parent Involvement Fund $0
Upper Grand Learning Foundation $7455.00 $4190 allocated for playground, $3265 remaining

 Fundraising Committee Report (Alison N. & Rachel)


-Hoping to have this event around Feb 24th if dates are available and there is snow. The location will be Foote Park and multiple days will be required in order to allow each classroom a designated time (there are 21 classes)

-Sleds/crazy carpets will need to be borrowed from another school

-If a sled-a-thon is not possible, a dance-a-thon would be an alternative idea

Plant Sale

-This is planned for April/May but TBC

May/June school event

-Evening event including food, activities & auction (silent &/or live auction- tbc)

-Chris Jess would be the first choice for food. Alison N. is going to reach out to him to determine his availability. Food trucks and pizza were mentioned as alternatives.

-Snow cones & a cake walk were suggested

-Families to be approached for the silent auction donations

Geddes Street Market Gift Certificates

-It was decided to wait until April to promote these so parents are not approached multiple times for money/donations.

Playground Next Steps (Colette)

-No final decision made yet

-Colette will follow up with Keith @ Trillium to set up a meeting & request a proposal. One additional proposal will also be required so three quotes are available for review/approval

-Shannan has drafted a letter to send to potential sponsors. Curt had suggested she include some renderings so she is just waiting for these before forwarding the letters. Colette has some images she can send to Shannan.

-Tanya has a contact for the Rotary and they might be interested in donating to the playground for the accessibility element

Other Business

-Empowerment Day, Grad & Spirit Wear will be available to purchase soon.

-Elora Racquets Club will be offering an after-school drop-in for kids to play ping pong, basketball, etc. More details to follow.

-Grade 7’s want to organize a Valentine’s Dance. This is tbc.

Next Meeting Date

– April 11, 2023

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