Eramosa Parents Council November 16, 2022 7:00pm – Minutes

Posted November 24, 2022

In attendance:  Paul Tribe, Rebecca Dufour, Cassie Hatch, Angela Murray, Diana Josiak, Bhumika Munroe, Crista Ormiston 

Joining Remotely: Jacqueline Nyman, Jenny Broadfoot, Blaire Comacchio

Regrets: Marya Morrison, Dawn Raynard, Heidi Muller, Stephanie Moddison, Heather Weingartner, Christine Stewart-McKeen,


  1. Welcome

Heidi (current chair) unable to attend, Christa Ormiston (past chair) chaired the meeting. Attendance was taken for those in person and joining remotely at the start of the meeting. 

  1. Approval of October Minutes

The Council Chair asked the group to review the minutes from October and asked for additions and comments. None were offered. The Council Chair put forward a motion to approve the minutes. Rebecca supported the motion. Angela second the motion. All approved, none opposed. Motion has been passed; October Minutes are approved. 

  1. Principal’s report

Volunteers: They are welcome in the school. Masks are optional. We also ask that a Covid check be done prior to going to school.

Contact number for Public Health if questions about COVID-19. WDGPH – Any school-related questions (COVID or non-COVID) be directed to our new Client and Community Support Call Centre 1-800-265-7293 (or 519-822-2715) ext. 7006.  Available Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. –4 p.m.

The Climbing Wall: A work order was issued on September 15th to have the climbing wall repaired. The climbing wall is repaired and most swings done as well. They are returning November 17 to finish hanging a set of swings. One of the hanger brackets was cracked. Simone has the work order and cost estimate to have available when all is completed. The climbers are closed after October 31 st , so no issue with the contractors having access.

Healthy Pantry: Thanks so much for this to those who have contributed to this program. It is working very well.

Cozy Cupboard: This is now in our front hall and houses extra hats, mitts, gloves and other things to ensure children stay warm. Thanks goes to Ms. Kent for finding it and picking it up. It has already been well-used! Extra mitts are welcome to be donated. 

Yard Development: Parents and some staff did a review of our grounds, along with a landscape architect. It was a valuable starting point.

Remembrance Day: The service went very well and was organized by Ms. Semanyk and carried out by students. Thanks to the parents who were able to attend.

Report Cards and Interviews: Information about these has gone home. PA Day is Friday November 25 th .

School Colours November 18th : Children are encouraged to wear the colours blue, grey white and black this Friday.

Five Days of Giving: A message will be coming home next week about this annual drive. Food items will go to East Wellington Community Services and clothing would go to Hope House. The dates of this are December 5 to 9.

New Administrator: I had a meeting today with our Superintendent. The naming of the new administrator will be very soon. When the information has been shared with Mr. Tribe, it will be shared with our school community. 

Masking: A message was sent home today regarding this. It is not a mandate, but a recommendation for everyone to consider.

Field Trips: This policy has been extensively reviewed and updated, with a focus upon equity of access. Following is a link to this: As a school, if there is a cost to a trip, it will be posted on School Cash Online for parents to pay. In addition, there will be a “pay it forward” button to allow community members to pay for more than one trip, if they wish. That would help ensure everyone will be able to attend, despite there being some perceived barriers. Overnight trips have been approved at the board level. More information on this to follow. 

  1. Financial Update

Our current account balance for November is $6962.82. These funds are allocated throughout the year to areas of need at Eramosa School. The parent council will be continuing to develop its budget and define fund allocations with the appointment of the new treasurer. In addition to this account balance is $12 000 that is currently allocated to the playground fund. 

The parent council was given an HST cheque for $808.00 and the $1200.00 that had been allocated to scientists in the school was no longer required. There was a discussion about how the funds should be allocated. The chair put forward the motion to allocate the $808.00 to the technology fund, and $1200.00 to the teacher resources fund as both of these funds had been depleted during the 2021-2022 academic year. 

A motion was put forward by Rebecca Dufour electronically for the parent council to use $300 to pay for the services of a landscape architect to develop concept drawings for the outdoor yard future developments. This motion was passed. Treasurer will submit a cheque request to Simone Kent for payment. 

  1. Committee Updates
  2. Events/Fundraising – wreath making, santa breakfast updates
  • Wreath Making – 
  • November 18th – Wreath Making Activity (Location: Gym, Time: 6:30)
    $50.00, paid through school cash online
  • Light refreshments and snacks will be donated by members of parent council
  • Mr. Tribe to send out a final reminder to sign up, facebook post up as well
  1. Poinsettia Orders
  • Orders close on November 23rd
  1. December 3rd – Winter Community Breakfast (Location: Gym)
    Purchase tickets in advance (Cost TBD), two seatings, Times: 8:00-9:00, 9:00-10:00  Santa will be making a visit
  2. Bottle Drive – January 26th 

Next Fundraising Committee Meeting – Virtual November 23rd @8:00pm

  1. Playground – update on survey & progress
  • Excellent response from the faculty survey for feedback on yard development. A huge thank you to all the teachers for their support and ideas! 
  • Rebecca Dufour will be consolidating all of the feedback and share with teachers, parent council, and Landscape Architect
  • Another survey will be developed for families to send out in January in order to gather feedback on initial concept designs 
  • Landscape architect visited the school and conducted a walk about with two teachers, Mr. Tribe and two members of parent council and will now be working on initial site analysis (what is here, what is working, what needs to be addressed)
  • Will be using feedback to develop initial concept drawings 
  1. Healthy Pantry
  • Going very well, we will continue this initiative.
  1. Any other business
  • Mr. Tribe’s final Parent Council Meeting at Eramosa was tonight. Christa thanked Mr. Tribe on behalf of the parent council and parent community for his dedication to the school. She commented on his excellent communication, patience, warmth and kindness. A huge thank you to the support he has also provided the parent council for supporting our initiatives and making such a positive impact on the school.


Next Meeting – Jan 17th, 2023

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