Illness Prevention Measures

Posted January 9, 2024

The New Year it is a good time for reminders about some of the supports in place to keep students and staff healthy throughout the cold and flu season: 

Key Protective Measures

  • Continue to follow key strategies such as frequent hand washing, respiratory etiquette and making the most of our outdoor spaces for learning continue to contribute to the health and well-being of students and staff.  
  • Classes in the UGDSB will continue to have a standalone HEPA filter unit with more than 2500 of these units deployed across the system.  
  • Hand Sanitizer – hand sanitizer continues to be available for students, staff and visitors.  
  • In addition to these measures, the UGDSB will continue to support students, staff and visitors to our schools and respect their individual choices about masking. 

The UGDSB will continue to follow the direction of WDGPH for appropriate responses to illnesses in our community. Please visit their website for the most current information about respiratory illnesses including COVID-19 on their updated site:  

In addition, families may be directed to the UGDSB’s website for illness prevention strategies: and to follow our Daily School Absence Reporting Dashboard to see trends in schools across our district:

Thanks for all your efforts to reduce illness in our communities and keep students and staff healthy!

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